‘Big Brother’ Elimination Recap: The House Flips as Frank’s Enemies Call Him Out

Big Brother Cast
Big Brother Cast Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Will Frank’s plan to evict Tiffany work? Big Brother's Thursday, July 14, episode finally revealed whether the smarmy returner’s manipulations worked, and how much control he has over the houseguests — including his eager sidekick (or puppet) Bridgette.

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At this point, the entire BB house is thoroughly fed up with Frank’s offensive humor and general awfulness, especially Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. Both ladies are covertly plotting his eviction, but only time will tell if their hatred is enough to blindside the curly-headed medical sales rep.

Plus, season 18’s showmances are upon us. We saw all of Corey and Nicole’s adorable flirtations during the July 10 episode, as well as a peek at the not-so-secret attraction blossoming between Natalie and James, but when will the magic happen? Please say soon, Julie Chen!

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So is Tiffany finished in the Big Brother house? And who will take Bridgette’s spot as the new HOH?

Look Who’s Flipping

It took approximately zero seconds for Da’Vonne to convince James and Michelle to change their vote and keep Tiffany. She hoped to disrupt Frank’s well-laid plan, and didn’t even need to try! In James’ words, “I feel like the alliance is dead.”

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With more jumping on Da’Vonne’s team, Frank needs to watch his back. Zakiyah, Nicole and Corey — who is always aligned with Nicole (swoon) — quickly agreed to evict Bronte instead of Tiffany. “I’m about it,” said Zakiyah.

Everyone quickly agreed that Tiffany would never put any of them up, but is that true? As a solid rebuttal, Paulie pointed out Tiffany’s paranoia and shaky alliances: “Anybody could be a target. She has no loyalty to anyone.” Keep in mind that all of this happened while Tiff snacked in bed. Gotta love that camera magic.

We Need to Talk About Frank

As if on cue, Frank attempted to rally his supposed troops against Da’Vonne. Obviously, his puppet Bridgette couldn’t agree more, but the master planner seemed to sway Nicole to his side. “Making a side alliance with Frank and Bridgette might be good for us,” said Nicole, indicating (her cuddle partner) Corey.

His plan effectively blew up when he attempted to bring Michelle on board. She ran to her girl Da’Vonne and spilled everything — including that Nicole knew about it. When Nicole came in, she unwisely played dumb, and Da’Vonne definitely took note: “I’d laugh it off. Child, bye. But if I was sweating bullets like Nicole, maybe she did know about it.” Can’t get anything past Mama Da!

Tiffany Uncensored

After a last-minute strategy session between Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey and Nicole, it seemed Bronte’s time had expired in the BB house. Zakiyah said it best: “Frank’s gonna be pissed.”

Although it’s unclear if she knew about the secret blindside, Tiffany threw down her gauntlet and called out Frank in the most epic fashion: “Dictatorships rarely work out for the dictator involved.” The feisty houseguest continued, “The cow manure that flew off his tongue smelled worse than his gas.” With open mouths surrounding her, Tiffany indicated Frank and Bridgette as her mic drop: “Said dictator and his little Cabbage Patch Kid.” One, two, three — knock out!

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Bronte mitigated Tiffany’s direct threat and happily thanked everyone for the experience, adding, “I’m not in the business of being mean.”

Bye, Sweetheart!

It seems weirdly manic that all of the houseguests do stunts and little bits in the hallway as they evict someone, right? Either way, the 5-4 vote knocked the aspiring mathematician out of the game. Peace, BB hopes and dreams.

Bronte urged the houseguests to “keep it classy,” but it sounded like Tiffany mumbled: “Time for war.” For our sakes, let’s hope she said/meant it!

With a hug for Chen, Bronte remained adorable until the end and was excited to get back to Denver and her mathematical dreams … But not so fast! Chen got the brunette up to speed about the much-hyped Battle Back competition, and her smiley response was on point: “Good thing I wasn’t snooty on my way out!”

Return of the Stud

The photo wall was soon overtaken with hilariously Photoshopped snaps of Glenn, Jozea and Victor gallivanting around Europe in animated outfits, and the HOH competition was on. In a quick and dirty game of True or False, Chen quizzed the houseguests about the tiny details in the “Euro Trippin” shots.

Half the houseguests were ousted with one question, and it only took a few rounds for Paulie to prove his memory skills were 100. It’s the official return of the Calafiore! When Chen asked about his gift-basket request, he kept it simple: “I don’t know if you can smuggle any of my family members in there … but I’d like a snapback.” Yeah — Us, too.

With Paulie in control, his teammate Frank (remember, they’re still on teams) is safe. So now what?

Tell Us: Who will be the fresh target?

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