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‘Big Brother’ Elimination Recap: A Houseguest Scores $5,000, Nicole and Corey Pick a Side

Prepare for more final-four talk! Big Brother‘s Nicole and Corey sit pretty as the houseguests head into the Monday, September 1, live elimination episode. Michelle and Paul are on the block, and Nicole’s plan to keep both of her alliances alive while ousting Big Meech might just work. Plus, Victor somehow managed to battle his way back into the BB house for a second time. So there’s that!

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After sweet-talking James into dropping from his perch during the Loch Mess HOH competition, Nicole locked down the position of power and has fielded final-four offers ever since. Natalie and James originally held the spot, but now Paul and Victor have approached the couple with an alternative. Let’s collectively hope the cute couple chooses correctly. They’re proving to be the showmance that could!

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As the numbers dwindle, who will become the fifth member of the BB18 jury?

Dollars on Their Mind

After Nicole didn’t use the veto, which shocked no one, Michelle continued to bag on the BB16 returner: “Nicole’s HOH reigns are the most boring-est.” She added that the blonde and her boy toy always avoid the rest of the house: “They’re cowards just sitting up there. I know they have targets.”

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The chatter then quickly turned to Corey’s $5,000 bribe. Remember, he still has the ability to bribe any houseguest as the recipient of the final America’s Care Package. Since Nicole is in charge, he has had no reason to use it, but James wanted to change that and made an offer. “James is pretty blatant about getting the five grand to drop out of the HOH,” said Corey.

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After lovingly waking a napping Nicole, the two snuggled and discussed the proposal. “Why would anyone throw a comp? I feel like he’s a much smarter player than that,” said Corey. As she played with his hair (FYI: His hair definitely looked sexy pushed back), Nicole thought she put some pieces together: “Makes me think there’s something we don’t know.”

Paranoia Ensues

When you play both sides, some paranoia is bound to leak in! At least that was true for Nicole and Corey as the pair began questioning every move Victor made. It also didn’t help that Michelle was told to put on her microphone while alone with Vic. But that wasn’t the first time Meech has been told to stop screwing around with the sound equipment (i.e., the August 31 episode).

As the doubt encroached, Nicole tensely said, “People bounce checks in the Big Brother house all the time. He’s been evicted twice. What does he have to lose?” Corey then had a stroke of genius after a quick cuddle session with his lady love: “Should I offer Vic the $5,000 to vote Michelle out to make sure?” Sometimes you just have to be sure!

As a ploy to test his loyalty, Corey offered Vic the bribe to vote out Big Meech, and the personal trainer nearly teared up! He graciously said, “I’m speechless. I wasn’t anticipating this at all.” It seems that the doubt was misplaced, but Ni-Corey certainly cemented their bond with Paul and Victor with the help of $5,000. Paul felt all the positivity and admitted, “This is the friendship I’ve been looking for all season long.”

Spread the Love

Cue the family time! All of the houseguests have shared how badly they miss their families, and it seems Julie Chen has heard them loud and clear! It only took 79 days.

Many of the cute and loving sentiments were the same, and Natalie’s mom took the cake with an epic opening line: “Natalia, here’s Mommy!” Plus, everyone was able to see James’ adorable daughter, Bailey, as well as Corey’s family posed with his dog, Rory, stretched across their laps.

Chen tried to get some sweet thoughts from the houseguests after the final video, but most were too busy feeling all of the emotions. “I can’t even talk right now. I’m choked up. I miss them so much,” said Vic with red-rimmed eyes.

Take Us to the Past

As the comeback kid, it’s only fair that Big Brother gave the double evictee a segment all his own. His parents, Victor and Gretchen, obviously spoke highly of their beloved son — “I couldn’t ask for a better kid” — but also shared that Victor grew up in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Katrina wreaked the ultimate havoc on their lives and home.

After that incredibly sad note, their conversation returned to Big Brother, and his parents warned, “[He] needs to watch for James.” They also added, “He has to be the winner. That’s who he is.”

'Big Brother' Cast
‘Big Brother’ Cast

Two Crazies and a Vote

As per usual, the pre-eviction speeches were a mixed bag of truth bombs and sentimental tidbits about the nominees’ time in the house. Paul spoke about the “emotional roller coaster” of the game and even planted a “kiss of death” on Big Meech, who laughingly revealed, “That was better than the last, Paul.”

Michelle, however, went with the spicier route and chose to hit the houseguests with another grammatically incorrect rain of opinions. Most were common knowledge to viewers, but the greatest line dealt with BB’s goddess, Julie Chen: “If you guys evict me, I’m going to start uncontrollably bawling. Do you want to do that to Julie?”

Clearly the house wasn’t concerned about Chen because Meech was voted out after HOH Nicole cast the tiebreaking vote.

Meech, Out

The self-professed superfan used her exit to spit more venom at the remaining houseguests, especially Nicole: “You guys need to get Nicole out. She’s just floating her way to final two.” The bespectacled blonde’s exasperated response? “This is why I voted you out!”

Chen did her regular interview routine, but Michelle didn’t offer any juicy morsels to snack on. She started crying as promised, but only after watching James’ taped goodbye. She also took the opportunity to congratulate the audience on their good fortune: “I tried forever to get a ticket to sit in this audience, and you’re lucky!”

Chen then kicked off the next HOH competition, which was chicken-themed and included a grating soundtrack of clucking poultry. The five competing houseguests stood inside giant chicken coops and had to stick their fingers through the wire and maneuver eggs from one side to the other. Once the egg somehow completes its trek, the houseguest must take aim and knock down three targets to claim HOH. With no victor announced, viewers will have to tune in Sunday, September 4, for the conclusion.

Tell Us: Who should win HOH?

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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