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Big Brother’s Jared Fields Was ‘Really Open’ With Blue About ‘Just Coming Out’ of a Relationship (Exclusive)

Big Brother 25’s Jared Fields says he hid nothing from showmance partner Blue Kim about his relationship status outside of the house.

“I was really open with Blue about just coming out of a seven-year-long relationship,” Jared, 25, exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, September 29, one day after he was eliminated from the CBS reality series.

Some Big Brother fans speculated that Jared had a girlfriend back home due to statements and conversations captured on the live feeds. Earlier this month, he was heard addressing someone special. “Kenzo baby, I love you. Kenzo, I love you,” he said to cameras, seemingly using a nickname for “Mackenzie.”

Jared also had a conversation with Blue, 25, last month about giving “Kenzo” a birthday shout-out during a live eviction. “For you to be on this show and have this [showmance], and then be like, ‘Happy birthday.’ I’m like, girl, that was so unnecessary,” Blue said.


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Jared replied: “I guess. We see that so different.”

Despite some live feed viewers thinking Jared was unfaithful while in the Big Brother house, he told Us that he went into the game single. “It was tough because just jumping out of a relationship into the house, I told myself that I wasn’t going to fall for any kind of showmance,” he said. “But Blue was somebody that I really could confide in and she made it really comfortable for me and made me understand that it’s OK to get out of a breakup and essentially fall for somebody.”

Big Brothers Jared Fields Was Really Open With Blue About Just Coming Out of a Relationship
Jared Fields, Blue Kim. CBS (2)

He continued: “After being in such a long relationship, it’s hard to feel as if you can never do it again or you will [never] fall for somebody again. And like I said, it was a fresh breakup for me after seven years. So, I was just glad that Blue understood and was able to kind of help me through that situation.”

As Jared and Blue grew close, he decided to tell her that his mom — Survivor legend Cirie Fields — was in the house with them. While some viewers couldn’t believe that Jared would reveal such sensitive information, he told Us why he did it.

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“Blue actually told me a really big secret about her game, being that she was actually not a TikToker outside of the house; she was actually a [brand] strategist,” he said. “I was starting to build a lot of trust with Blue at that point and really feeling as if I could confide in her. … After 58 days, it’s hard to hide why I’m trying to protect Cirie, a.k.a. my mom, so much, and people were starting to catch wind of me being overprotective of her. … I felt like if I could actually trust Blue in the house, she needed to know.”

As for whether Jared and Blue will pursue their romantic connection after the season ends, Jared told Us that it’s a “high possibility.” However, he noted that he doesn’t want to “jinx things” as he and Blue both acknowledged that they “don’t know each other” outside of the game.

“We did our best to keep a very open and honest dialogue between each other, but at the end of the day, we’ve still got to see how we are outside of here, not inside of that pressure cooker of an environment,” he explained. “But I think our personalities definitely click and I can see a future with her for sure.”

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

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