Bill Cosby’s Accusers Come Forward in Shocking A&E Special

Bill Cosby

Despite over 50 women accusing him of sexual assault, Bill Cosby has continued to deny any wrongdoing and hasn't been charged with a crime. "I have been in this business 52 years, and I've never seen anything like this," Cosby previously said on Good Morning America. "And reality is…the situation. And I can't speak."

Now, the 78-year-old actor's alleged victims are speaking out in A&E’s Cosby: The Women Speak, where they detail their interactions with the once-beloved actor and comedian.

A&E interviewed over a dozen of Cosby's accusers, including actress Louisa Moritz, publicist Joan Tarshis, and supermodel Beverly Johnson. Find out the most shocking accusations from the special below.

Warning: Disturbing, explicit content.

Joan Tarshis: "I Was Given $10 and a Cab"

Publicist Joan Tarshis was allegedly assaulted by Cosby in 1969. "He said, 'just relax, have a drink first, then we'll get into the writing,'" Tarshis said. "The next thing I know he was there taking off my pants, and I thought quickly and said 'I have a vaginal infection.' Which was a lie. So he stuck his manly parts into my mouth until he was finished. And then I was given $10 and a cab to take me home."

Victoria Valentino: "You Don't Ever Want to Talk About It Again"

Victoria Valentino was a Playboy playmate who dined with Cosby in 1969, shortly after the death of her 6-year-old son. "I was very depressed, you know," she said. "He leaned across, he put a pill next to my wine glass, he said 'here take this, this will make you feel better.'"

Valentino says she was forced into oral sex with The Cosby Show actor later in the evening. "He unzipped his fly, had me perform oral sex then he stood me up, turned me backwards and did me doggy style," she said. "If there is any question about why women don't report rape it's because it's so damned humiliating, you don't ever want to ever talk about it again."

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Louisa Moritz: "I Tried Pushing Him Away"

Actress Louisa Moritz said she was assaulted by Cosby before her appearance on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show in 1971. "He said I was so cute and he definitely wanted to be my manager," Moritz recalled. "And this was all while he was unwrapping his penis that he would stick in my mouth. I tried pushing him away, I tried pulling his pants up over."

Cosby's alleged parting words to Moritz? "Don't forget, don't make me mad, I'm going to be your best friend."

Sarita Butterfield: "His Intentions Were to Prey on Me"

Model Sarita Butterfield alleged that she was groped by Cosby while dining at his house on Christmas Eve in 1974. "Bill Cosby wrapped his arms around me, grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back," she said. "He attempted to kiss me, groping me. Not just my breasts. He felt pretty entitled to touch me in parts that he had no right to."

Butterfield continued, "His intentions were to prey on me and sexually assault me in his home on Christmas Eve. That's unbelievable. I don't know, I've never gotten over it."

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Heidi Thomas: "I Don't Remember Anything Other Than One Sip"

Heidi Thomas visited Cosby for coaching in 1984, and said she was forced into oral sex after being drugged. "I don't remember anything other than one sip," Thomas recalled. "My clothes were on, his were not. And I was lying down and he was forcing himself in my mouth."

Beth Ferrier: "I Was Discarded Like a Piece of Trash"

Former fashion model Beth Ferrier had a consensual affair with Cosby for two years, and alleges that she was drugged by her ex after seeing him perform in 1986. "I just remember from that time of the sip, of feeling warm, and feeling like I was going to go under," she said. "Waking up in the back of my car in the dark alley all alone with my clothes all off. A woman knows when you've been violated and I definitely felt very violated … I was discarded like a piece of trash."

Barbara Bowman: "He Attacked Me"

At just 17-years-old, Barbara Bowman was an aspiring actress in the 1980s when she met up with Cosby at a hotel in Atlantic City. "He attacked me. He came after me like a wild animal and tried to rape me," Bowman said. "I was coherent enough to fight and scratch and scream and cry and try to wrestle my way out of there. He had me pinned to the bed with his elbow under my chin and was ferociously trying to remove his belt buck and pants, while trying to get down my pants."

Beverly Johnson: "Everything Was Spinning"

Supermodel Beverly Johnson met Cosby while auditioning for The Cosby Show in the 80s, and claimed she was drugged with a cup of coffee. "Everything was spinning, I was dizzy and I knew I had been drugged," she said. "No doubt in my mind. He puts one hand around my waist and I remember cocking my head and saying 'you're a mother f––er aren't you?'"

Johnson told her daughter about the assault, who initially asked her mom not to come forward. "[Then] my daughter calls back and says, 'I talked to my husband, and I want you to tell your story and know that I'm behind you.'"

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Chelan Lasha: "I Kept Saying to Myself 'Dr. Huxtable, Dr. Huxtable'"

In 1986, aspiring model Chelan Lasha allegedly had a run-in with Cosby after taking what she thought were antihistamines. "He began pinching on my breasts and he was grunting," Lasha said. "And I kept saying to myself 'Dr. Huxtable, Dr. Huxtable.' I remember something warm on my leg and I passed out. I woke up to him saying 'daddy said wake up, daddy said wake up."'

While A&E didn't interview Cosby himself for this special, they spoke to The Cosby Show star Joseph Phillips, who played Martin Kendall. "I didn't witness anything, but there was always a sense of something and there were people whispering," he said. "This parade that would come through of beautiful women. Something is going on. Everybody's not auditioning."

Later, a friend of Phillips told him she'd been sexually assaulted by Cosby. "She says, 'do you believe me?'" Phillips recalled. "I said 'yes, I believe you.'"

Both Cosby and his lawyers continue to deny these accusations. As of now, statute of limitations prevent many of Cosby's accusers from taking legal action against him for his alleged misconduct.

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