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Bob Saget Visits the House From Full House: “It Was Creepy!”

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Bob Saget posted a picture of himself visiting the Full House home and said it was "creepy."

A light is waiting to carry Danny Tanner home! Bob Saget made a special trip back to visit the famous Victorian home from his '90s TV series, Full House, on Friday, June 7. 

The 57-year-old actor/comedian posted a photo of himself on WhoSay standing outside the San Francisco house. "In San Fran," he captioned the shot. "Couldn't resist."

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His former costars, John Stamos and Dave Coulier, also couldn't resist commenting on Saget's photo. "Cool, The Munsters' house," Stamos, 49, joked on Twitter. Coulier, 53, added, "Can you see if my underpants are still hanging on the gutter?"

At the Student Academy Awards in Beverly Hills on June 8, Saget told Us Weekly that his decision to visit the house was completely spontaneous. "I was going to do a big radio show, and I said to my driver, 'Radio can wait, take me to the Full House house.' It literally was a drive-by. I photobombed the Full House house yesterday," he joked. "I took like 20 pictures because I thought I didn't look good in any of these — you can't see the house! You gotta really show that that's the house!"

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What was it like being outside the house?

"It was creepy! Because cars were going by, and I was like I gotta get out of here!" he explained. "And a couple people kinda looked at me. One guy on a moped stopped with a look that was like, 'Oh, come on!' Because it's like, I'm in it! If I'm standing in front of that house . . . some poor lady lives there and it's a well-known house now. People go there and see it like it's a cool thing. It's nice that it's not a negative memory. It's a home-cooked meal memory. So it was kind of weird being there."

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Saget recently reunited with his TV daughters Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin at the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine event in Beverly Hills in April. "We hang out sometimes. I get to see them when we can," Saget told Us of keeping in touch with his costars. "We all love each other. I just don't think that that's . . . it's kind of low on the possibilities."

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