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‘Britney Ever After’: Seven Insane Moments From the Movie About Pop Princess Britney Spears

Gimme more, Lifetime! Britney Ever After, the latest in a string of biographical celebrity-centric Lifetime movies (think Whitney, Anna Nicole and Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B), finally aired on Saturday, February 18, delivering Britney Spears‘ supposed life story.

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Promoted as the tale of the “Make Me…” singer’s meteoric rise from teenybopper Mouseketeer to bona fide pop princess — and her subsequent personal/career bumps and inspiring comeback — Britney Ever After served up its inspiring tale, along with including a few scenes that were a bit bizarre or downright unbelievable. Here are the top seven moments from Britney Ever After that we couldn’t stop thinking about. 

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An Odd Portrayal of Justin Timberlake 

All in all, the “Womanizer” singer had little to be embarrassed about in Britney Ever After. Much of the film’s footage was incredibly toned down, and Natasha Bassett, who played Spears in the movie, portrayed the “…Baby One More Time” singer as a humble and conflicted star, uncomfortable with fame. It’s Justin Timberlake who doesn’t get depicted in the best light. Nathan Keyes, who played the poor “Can’t Stop the Feeling” singer, was tasked with portraying an exaggerated character who isn’t exactly eloquent, calls his beau “Pinky” and says things like, “Get up in it, Swayze style,” and “Everyone’s like, ‘Dang, if I don’t see her soon, I’ll go insane.” RIP, early-2000s Justin Timberlake!

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A Whole Lot of Britney and Justin

Yes, fans obsess over Justin and Britney’s three-year relationship and matching denim outfits, but Britney Ever After chose to spend nearly half of the film laser-focused on the former ‘NSync frontman. The Trolls star was mentioned throughout the film and pinpointed as Britney’s one true love — “He was part of me. He was everything” — and the only one that ever understood her: “Sometimes I think nobody knows me like he did. He was the one thing in my life that was real.” It went on and on. Fans secretly hope the love still lingers between the former teen stars, but so much more has happened in Britney’s life. Just saying.

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The Brit-vs.-JT Dance Battle

To keep on the JT-&-Brit beat, a dance battle supposedly broke out between the two exes at a club shortly after their split. To start, Brit is out drinking shots in a fur with an unnamed high school friend. Then Justin shows up with some lady friend. Britney confronts him, like, “I need to talk to you,” and he hits back, “I don’t. Get over it.” Then they battle on the dance floor! Set to a song of unknown origin, the two go at it. Well, more accurately, the two flail their arms a bit as the movie goes into slow-motion and emphasizes her tight gold pants and bedazzled bustier vs. his black tank and loose jeans. In the end, Britney conquers his pop-and-lock with her hip rolls but he quickly disappears. So, who really won?

Britney’s Romance with Kevin Federline Got a Montage

Fast-forward to Britney’s romance with back-up dancer and failed rapper Kevin Federline, and Britney Ever After viewers saw a sped-up courtship montage of bizarre proportions. It kicked off when Brit declared, “He’s so hot and kinda country, you know? I think I’m in love, y’all!” Oh, dear! Cue the crazy montage of the Kevin stand-in, Clayton Chitty, and Natasha fighting, gyrating in bed, making out in a pool, smoking, fighting and dancing in their underwear. Again, an unknown R&B jam with some pop elements played in the background. It all ended when he asked her to marry him in the worst possible way: in other words, it was after she sort of asked him. 

Britney’s 2007 Meltdown 

Unfortunately, Bassett really played this segment to a dramatic extreme. She portrayed the “Stronger” singer with modesty and a humble sensibility throughout the majority of the film, but it was a bit of a different story in the whirlwind of scenes that featured Bassett manically shaving her head, quickly followed by a scene of her waving an umbrella at the paparazzi, and then suddenly acting strangely at an unnamed photo shoot. Spears also supposedly looked like Samara from The Ring films in a test shot, wiped her dirty fingers on “$10,000 of borrowed couture” and gleefully drove off in her convertible.

The Film Could Have Benefited From the Actual Tracks

It was very wise of Britney Ever After’s director and crew to limit the amount of Bassett’s singing and performing that was actually seen, because those elements weren’t among the movie’s highlights. Bassett didn’t sound much like Britney, the worst culprit being the “I Love Rock N’ Roll” cover. Lifetime ideally would have used at least one of the “Toxic” singer’s actual tracks, but Britney probably would’ve said no. 

The Ending Hit Fast-Forward, Promptly Signed Off

The timeline was a bit tough to follow at the end, hastily jumping from roughly 2008 to 2015, and skipping most of the past eight years. Cue Britney tackling her Las Vegas residency. And it was a bit odd that one of the final lines of dialogue was, “You’re Britney Spears,” uttered by an unnamed dancer. End scene.

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Britney Ever After aired on Lifetime Saturday, February 18, at 8 p.m. ET.

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