‘Catfish’ Recap: Elle King Reveals Her Inner ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Nev Schulman and Elle King 

Exes and oh, no! On the Wednesday, January 16, episode of Catfish, Elle King joined forces with Nev Schulman as the duo helped Nique from Texas discover the true identity of her online crush.

King kicked off her guest-hosting appearance by revealing her love for the show, saying, “I saw the documentary. I’ve watched the show since the beginning.” The Exes and Oh’s singer then revealed her sleuthing expertise, saying, “I have been like crazy ex-girlfriend. I can hack into anything … I just want to put it to good use.”

King, whose father is Rob Schneider, was eager to help Nique after learning that her online crush of one year, Alice, refused to video chat or meet up in person. Nique explained to the 29-year-old and Nev that she met Alice while role playing on Tumblr and had spoken on the phone and exchanged personal photos with her.

Nique from Texas

Nev and Elle were surprised to learn that, in addition to her relationship with Alice, Nique was also involved in a polyamorous relationship with a non-binary person named Princess. Princess appeared supportive of Nique’s romantic pursuits with Alice, saying “I’m not really a jealous person. … Unless you’re bothering [Nique], then I’ll get mad.”

Nique eventually revealed that Alice had been there for her during difficult times — including serving as Nique’s one phone call from the hospital following a self-harm incident. With tenderness and great care, Nev and Elle agreed to take Nique back with them to Los Angeles to meet Alice. Shockingly, when it came time for Nique to meet Alice face-to-face, Alice actually was the stunning tattooed model that her profile photos portrayed her to be. Alice, who was not a Catfish at all, said she was “hurt” by Nique’s lack of trust in her.

Eventually Alice revealed that she no longer had romantic feelings for Nique. After waffling a bit and implying that she might change her mind “in a few years,” Alice later clarified, “So, I really don’t have an interest in a romantic relationship with you. … I should have been more blunt.” Heartbreakingly, Alice added, “I was just worried about your mental health and I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Two months later, Nique revealed that she and Alice still had a strong friendship and that her romantic relationship with Princess was still going strong, saying they were “closer” than ever before.

Catfish airs on MTV Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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