Cher: I Thought Jon and Kate Plus 8 Was “Sweet”

 Laura Pedrick/TLC; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Who would have guessed it?

Back in the day — circa 2008 — Cher was a devoted viewer of Jon and Kate Plus 8!

"I don't like reality shows at all," the Burlesque star, 64, tells Cynthia McFadden in an ABC News Nightline interview airing Thursday.

Her one exception?

"A long time ago I used to watch this very sweet reality show called Jon and Kate Plus 8," she admits coyly of the bygone TLC hit. "I thought it was sweet. I liked the babies."

The Oscar winner's fandom soured when Jon and Kate Gosselin's crumbling marriage made headlines. "I leave the country for six months, I come back and the whole thing has just blown up in everyone's face!" Cher complains.

"I just thought, this is not what I signed up for."

Cher is less enamored of Jersey Shore's Snooki. "I got a bobble head of her [at an event]," she relates. "Not too impressive. I kind of like people that do something. That are not just famous for…I'm not sure what!"

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