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Chicago P.D.’s Patrick John Flueger Teases Ruzek’s Consequences, Talks Halstead and Upton’s Bond (Exclusive)

Patrick Flueger Teases Ruzek Consequences Halstead and Upton Bond
Patrick Fleuger, Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer on Chicago P.D.Matt Dinerstein/NBC; Matt Dinerstein/NBC; Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Did Ruzek make the right move — or his worst yet? Could he and Upton really have a serious relationship? What about Halstead? Us Weekly caught up with Patrick John Flueger following the Wednesday, January 9, winter premiere of Chicago P.D., and he answered all our questions. Read the full Q&A below, then check out our interview with Jesse Lee Soffer for his side of the Halstead/Upton/Ruzek love triangle!

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Us Weekly: Adam really proved his loyalty this week, despite the consequences. What can you say about what’s next?
Patrick Flueger: At this point, IRT, COPA and IAD take over the investigation and for Ruzek, it becomes a waiting game. He’s certainly gonna experience some sleepless nights! In the end he may be exonerated and it all goes away easy peasy … or he could go to prison and even worse, in his mind anyway, lose his job. I mean, being a cop and part of this intelligence unit has become the core of who he is as a man. His job, his intelligence family and the feeling like he’s an agent for good — even if his methods are sometimes unfortunate and misguided — are kind of his life blood. That’s exactly why he’s willing to do anything for Voight and his team, even if it means ruining the rest of his life. I think he believes that the rest of the team, if push comes to shove, would make the exact same decision he made if they were in his position.

Patrick Flueger Teases Ruzek Consequences Halstead and Upton Bond
Jason Beghe and Patrick John Flueger on Chicago P.D Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Us: How will that impact his relationship with Voight going forward?
PF: Part of Ruzek’s logic is that if Voight goes down, then all of intelligence goes down. That’s the way it works. It’s my understanding that if there’s corruption, especially at the top of any team in the CPD, that team gets disbanded and all of its officers are reassigned as far from one another as possible throughout the city — with the intention of them having as little contact as possible. Voight knows this. However, after losing Al last season, his best friend and only true confidant who was killed protecting him, Voight’s absolutely not willing to risk losing Ruzek or anybody else on his team because of their loyalty and desire to protect him. Even if their logic is sound in doing so. These officers and detectives are, on some level, his “sons” and his “daughters.” His number one job may be to protect the city, but his number one desire is to protect his kids and he’s always been able to do so. Ruzek on the other hand isn’t willing to risk Voight taking the blame and going down. He’s not willing to risk losing another man he looks up to and loves. Voight is one of three father figures in Adam’s life. The other two being his own father and then Al, who was his mentor. When Olinsky died, much of Ruzek’s naiveté died with him. His heart broke a bit and then it hardened. I think Al’s death made him grow up quick. And now he feels it’s his duty to step into Olinsky’s shoes, as best he can, and to protect Voight, who’s always so busy protecting others

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Us: I feel like Ruzek and Hailey took a big step this week; she basically admitted how serious she was about him. Will that change the dynamic between the two of them going forward?
PF: It certainly was a big step. I mean the scene where they fought downstairs and Hailey told Adam she cared for him and showed him how much by being more vulnerable than she had ever been prior was a surprise to him — and a welcome surprise at that. Unfortunately it happened right as Halstead walked through the door! Going forward will be bumpy with the investigation looming over Ruzek and the incredible stresses of both their jobs. But they definitely care about each other in a deeper way than either of them expected. I believe they’d like to hold on to it if they can.

Us: So, could this bring them closer or pull them apart?
PF: That remains to be seen. They’re kind of riding the wave of “opposites attract.” It could certainly work out, but could just as easily blow up in their faces in a major way. On top of that, there’s no denying that Hailey and Halstead have an important connection. How all of these relationships manifest down the line is above my pay grade!

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Us: Can we expect anything to change now that Halstead knows?
PF: I don’t think so. Hailey and Jay’s bond is too strong to be disrupted by this. They’re both adults and professionals. As for Ruzek, he doesn’t have any idea that their connection might run a little deeper than being partners and friends, that Jay may or may not have have feelings for Hailey. If he had, he would have never gone there … well maybe he still would have the first time! There was a lot of booze involved in that go-around.

Us: We also know Burgess will find out soon – can you tease anything about her reaction?
PF: I’m gonna make you wait for that one!

Chicago P.D. airs on NBC Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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