‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Recap: Whitney Thore Uses a Labor Simulator After Her Pregnancy Scare

It’s going down! Whitney Thore and rival Jiya were set to have a dance battle after Whitney felt “humiliated” during the Tuesday, February 21, episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Adding to the unlikely scenario, the entire dance battle was all thanks to Roy — yes, Whitney’s crush who completely rejected her last week. He must really be trying to make Whitney get over him easier by pulling this one.

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After Jiya from Trophy Wife Fitness made fun of Whitney and her students’ performance last week, the dance instructors visited each other’s studios. Rather than resolving the conflict, the drama only escalated as more shade was thrown. Plus, Whitney used a labor simulator while holding Roy‘s hand, which was as awkward as it sounds. Check out our five favorite moments from Tuesday’s episode.

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Whitney Is “Humiliated”

Whitney and her fellow dancers took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, to see what Jiya’s class was all about. They found that at Trophy Wife Fitness, it was a competitive environment that led to praise for people who danced the lowest and sweat the most. “I would never treat my students that way,” Whitney said.

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Jiya made a rule that if the students did not get low enough when they were dancing, she would make them start over. Whitney felt like this was a “trap” against her because she is a bigger woman and has a bad knee, which made getting low hard. 

“Of course I hate being the fat girl with a thing,” Whitney said. “But, like, Trophy Wife Fitness is not worth a blown-out knee, OK?” Jiya replied by making a general comment to the group, saying, “I don’t have to walk around with your stomach.” That made Whitney feel “humiliated.”

Buddy Wants a Life Change

Buddy actually showed up on time to work out with Whitney and her trainer, Will, this week. He discovered he weighed 340 pounds, which was more than he expected, and he realized he needed to make a change. However, he didn’t show up to the following workout, which made Will question how serious Buddy was about his health. “I’m not willing to want this more than him,” Will said.

Whitney told Buddy’s girlfriend, Heather, about Buddy skipping the classes, and hoped she could get through to him. “Right now I’m disgusted with myself,” Buddy admitted to Heather when she brought it up. “I’m just feeling kind of hopeless.” 

Whitney Gets Disrespected Again

As might have been expected, Jiya made an appearance at Whitney’s dance class with her entourage and gave Whitney a hard time. However, when Whitney began teaching the choreography, Jiya believed that something was up. “Those are our moves,” Jiya said. “Whitney stole our moves.”

Jiya cracked up at the moves while Whitney was teaching, causing a big distraction. “If you’re going to be doing all the giggling and everything, then you can leave,” Whitney said. “I’m not an idiot. I can usually tell when someone is laughing at me.”

Whitney Thore TLC

Roy and Whitney Reconnect

At the radio studio, Whitney tested out a labor simulator because one of the cohosts was about to have a baby. Not only was Whitney experiencing excruciating pain on live radio, but she had to do it while holding her crush Roy’s hand for support. “The irony is not lost on me,” said Whitney, who recently experienced a pregnancy scare with ex Lennie.

Even though Whitney felt awkward with Roy at first, she realized she was way more over him than she thought. It is pretty funny that two things Whitney recently thought were going to happen in her near future — having a baby and being with Roy — were both fictionally happening at one time.

Whitney and Jiya Are Headed for a Dance Battle

Whitney spoke to her coworkers on air about all of the drama with Jiya and her dance class. Jiya happened to be listening to the show and called in to confront Whitney about her comments. Of course, this only led to more fighting between the two of them, and Whitney’s coworkers were living for it. “You guys are so frenemies. This is great,” Roy said.

Roy then came up with the brilliant idea to host a dance battle between the two dance groups, which totally mortified Whitney. “I feel like I kind of got suckered into doing this dance battle,” she said. “Basically anything involving Jiya at this point is just a bad idea to me.”

By the end of the episode, it seemed like Whitney was going to confront Jiya head-on to try to avoid the dance battle.

Tell Us: Do you think Whitney will win the dance battle?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs on TLC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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