‘Famously Single’ Recap: Brandi Glanville Calls Josh Murray ‘Gay,’ Aubrey O’Day Wants Pauly D to Get Tattoo of Her Name

If you like a heartwarming story about a reality star who learns to be slightly less shallow, then you will love this week’s installment of E!’s newest televised social experiment, Famously Single. And if not, well, plenty of other drama happened, so just calm down and read.

Brandi Glanville Says Josh Murray Might Be "Gay"

The Tuesday, July 12, episode started off with former Bachelorette winner Josh Murray looking at photos of hot girls on Instagram. Aubrey O’Day immediately slammed him, saying, “Josh doesn’t even know what he wants.” She then explained to the former baseball player, “All of these photos are severely edited.” 

Dr. Darcy Sterling addressed Josh’s shallowness, saying to the camera, “I worry that he might be placing too much importance on physical appearance — especially if he’s using Instagram to find his soulmate.” After he rejected one of his dates from a prior episode, Brandi Glanville mused about the reality show hunk, “I feel like he’s either gay, or he’s just dead inside.”

Brandi and Calum Hold Hands

Then Brandi and Calum Best, the will-they-wont-they duo of the century, finally had their first official date: a sexual innuendo-filled cooking class! While the aspiring couple had no problem slinging dirty jokes back and forth, we still have yet to see them actually get steamy with each other. They did hold hands in the car on the way to the date … that’s first base in some parts of the world!

Pauly D Says Aubrey Is Moving Too Fast

Back at the house, the already established couplehood of DJ Pauly D and Aubrey seemed like it might be in jeopardy. The Danity Kane star cuddled up to her record-spinning beau and asked him to get her name tattooed on him. 

“I’m ready for that step," she told him. "I’ll pen yours, too — we can have matching tattoos.” The Jersey Shore alum told the camera, “Talk about moving too fast … I’m not feeling it.” Trouble in Aubly D paradise, much?

Pauly D Wants to Participate in the Show, Aubrey Doesn’t

The group was then tasked to attend a single’s mixer while wearing “blindfold” glasses that prohibited the celebs from seeing any of their potential suitors. Aubrey, always the rebel, refused to enjoy the activity and spent the whole time pouting and pining for Pauly. She even went up to one of the dating coaches and said, “When is this over? And how is Pauly doing on his date?” 

'Famously Single'
'Famously Single' E!

Meanwhile, Pauly, along with the other guys, was having the time of his life flirting with a group of women he couldn’t see. After the activity was over, Aubrey was not in a good mood, which caused a frustrated Pauly to say in a confessional, “I don’t know what Aubrey wants me to do. I’m supposed to date.” It’s almost like they both are contractually obligated to cheat on each other at this point — pretty wild!

Brandi Is Furious With Calum for Wanting to Go Out With Another Woman

Eventually, back in the group meeting, Pauly confessed that he had no interest in dating anyone but Aubrey. (Aww …) Some drama did start when Calum admitted wanting to go out with one of the girls he met while blindfolded. Brandi was not having it and said, “I am not your f–kin' backup plan, motherf–ker … It really hurt, and f–k you.” It appears that the entire premise of the show is getting fully undermined by these almost-incestuous onscreen relationships! As long as it causes drama, we’re not complaining!

Josh Maybe, Kind of Learns a Valuable Lesson

The episode wrapped up with everyone’s favorite shallow reality TV hunk finally learning that looks don’t matter. Indeed, Josh decided he wanted to go out with a girl from the exercise, even though he hadn’t seen what she looked like. And guess what?! She turned out to be smokin’ hot. So … lesson learned? Maybe?

Tell Us: Did Brandi Glanville go too far by calling Josh Murray gay?

Famously Single airs on E! Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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