‘Famously Single’ Recap: Pauly D Mocks Aubrey O’Day by Saying He Responded to Her Ad on Craigslist

If your favorite celebrity couple is Aubrey O’Day and Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio, then you may want to turn your TV off forever because there was some serious trouble in Aubly D paradise on the Tuesday, June 19, episode of E!’s Famously Single. Aside from covering the Emmy-worthy drama of America’s favorite couple, this episode also featured a steamy make-out sesh between two female castmates! Must-See TV, much?

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It’s Official: Brandi Glanville and Calum Best Have Not Had Sex

The episode started off with the cooling-down period from Brandi Glanville and Calum Best’s fight at the end of the prior episode. For a couple who has barely kissed, they sure act like they’ve skipped straight to the divorce phase of their relationship. Calum even admitted, “We’re acting like a married couple …” to which the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum interjected, “And we haven’t even had sex!” Well, that confirms it. They haven’t had sex.

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OMG — Aubrey and Pauly Haven’t Had Sex Either??

Okay, so Calum and Brandi haven’t had sex. But Aubrey and Pauly D (who wear matching hats and can’t keep their hands off each other) certainly have, right? Wrong. When the Danity Kane singer implied that she’s sick of waiting to have sex with him, Pauly replied, “I’m doing the right thing.” What a good Italian boy! Aubrey then asked, “Is the sex gonna be good?” To which the Jersey Shore alum replied confidently, “It’ll be the best you’ve ever had.” We can’t believe they’ve waited this long — is this a reality show on E!, or is it the first half of 50 Shades of Grey?!

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Jessica and Somaya Make Out in a Bathtub

While the two couples that have been formed since the beginning of the series (Callum + Brandi, Pauly + Aubrey) were busy being celibate, Somaya Reece and model Jessica White came out of left field and shocked us with their chemistry while at dinner together. Their platonic meal started out friendly and then escalated quickly when Jessica suggested to the Love & Hip Hop star, “I wanna take a shot with you and then kiss you in the mouth.” 

The duo proceeded to lock lips in the restaurant and quickly left holding hands. Wow. Back at the apartment, Somaya (or a production assistant) had arranged a flower petal-covered romantic bubble bath for the two of them to share. While kissing and rubbing each other in the bath, Jessica giggled, “I’m happy our castmates aren’t here.” Finally, someone in this house is getting some action!

'Famously Single'
‘Famously Single’ E!

Aubrey Claims That Pauly Said He Was “Falling In Love” With Her

At the end of the night, Brandi came home and started crying under a blanket while a drunk Calum brushed it off. Meanwhile, Aubrey and Pauly were in the kitchen having a bizarre — perhaps alcohol-fueled — conversation. Pauly seemed to be joking around with his blonde paramour and teasingly implied that she was some sort of Craigslist prostitute. She blatantly ignored his comedic bit and kept hounding him, saying, “You’re falling in love with me? You’re falling in love with me?”

Aubrey then said to a castmate, “Pauly told me tonight that he’s falling in love with me.” To that, Pauly responded, “What’s your name? ’Cause when I order a girl on Craigslist, you never really know the name.” Seems like this couple may no longer be on the same page. In a clip from next week’s episode, Aubrey tells him, “We have trust issues,” and he replies, “I don’t have trust issues. I have Aubrey issues.” Say it ain’t so!

Tell Us: If Brandi and Calum haven’t hooked up and fight with each other constantly, are they even really an item? And will America ever be able to recover if Aubrey and Pauly can’t work it out??

Famously Single airs on E! Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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