Gayle King: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me


Gayle King, 57, (CBS This Morning airs weekdays from 7 to 9 a.m.) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly.

1. I love music, from Jay-Z and Carrie Underwood.

2. I haven't had a good night's sleep in seven years. I only get four or five hours a night.

3. I'm a very nervous flier. If it gets bumpy, I'll grab a stranger's hand.

4. I'm happiest when I'm spending time with my son [Will, 25] and daughter [Kirby, 24]

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5. I have a TV in every room of my house — the bathroom too!

6. I don't like gory movies.

7. If I had more time at home, I'd love to get a labradoodle. They're so cute!

8. I changed my name from Gail to Gayle in seventh grade because I liked to make a loopy y.

9. I'm the oldest of three girls. My sisters say I can be bossy.

10. I'm not a sushi fan.

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11. My son lives in Shanghai. I'm visiting him this summer!

12. I have never lived in Chicago.

13. When I want to support a film starring actors I like, I purchase several tickets at the box office — even if I can't stay for the movie.

14. I don't drink coffee, despite getting up at 3:30 every morning.

15. My favorite sport is basketball.

16. I majored in psychology, and I still love listening to people's problems.

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17. I spent 18 years as a news anchor at WFSB-TV in Hartford, Connecticut.

18. Sunday is my favorite day.

19. Cheeseburgers are one of my favorite foods.

20. I also love cupcakes!

21. I lived in Turkey from age 6 until 11.

22. The color yellow always makes me feel good.

23. My house looks like a Jenny Craig distributor lives there.

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24. I don't drink alcohol.

25. I love wearing clogs. They're great for walking through the airport!

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