Get Your Desk Organized Just Like Jennifer Garner and Heidi Klum

Stars need to stay organized, just like Us! And of course, when celebrities organize their desks or home offices, they do it with style. Enter See Jane Work, a home organization brand with a feminine twist and the brainchild of Holly Bohn. Bohn’s line quickly found fans in Jennifer Garner and Heidi Klum, who beautified their workspaces with her feminine supplies and smart tips. She shares her secrets for a beautiful office with Us.

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Take Note Desktop Writing Pad

“Think twice about covering your monitor or desktop in sticky notes,” Bohn tells Us Weekly. “An urgent reminder jotted on a bright pink sticky note will become less urgent when surrounded by 20 similar notes. Keep a scratch pad on your desk for writing down quick notes, directions or simply doodling while on a marathon conference call. Save the bright, pink sticky notes for something that is truly urgent.”

Wall-Mount System

“It can be hard to do actual work when things are covering your entire desktop. When space is in short supply, use a wall-mounted storage system,” the ‘Jane’ behind the brand explains. “The See Jane Work wall-mount system is perfect for everything from files to supplies. This unique system requires you to hang just once, then as you need more storage space you can add on pieces without additional holes or hooks.”

Large Sorter

“No matter how advanced your electronic storage system, there is a certain amount of paper that is here to stay,” she says. “Keep work in progress easily accessible with a desktop sorter.”

Perpetual Calendar

“It helps you keep track of the days and also let coworkers know if you are in or out of the office. As a bonus it can be funny, and don’t we all need a few laughs at work? Yes, you can turn your status tab to airplane so your coworkers know you are on vacation, but you can also turn the status tab to the coffee cup, so they don’t forget to grab a coffee for you when they hit the break room,” explains Bohn.

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To Do Sticky Notepad

“A critical time-management skill is the ability to quickly prioritize and shift tasks,” Bohn shares. “The key to mastering this skill is keeping your tasks in one place. This is where the To Do Sticky Notepad comes in.”

Mousepad Coaster Set

“I see a lot of desktops and one thing that they almost all have is a mouse and a beverage. Some people, sensitive to the danger of keeping liquids near electronics, use spill-proof containers, but even those can leave water rings. I like the idea of giving everything a resting place on your desktop. I also like the idea of protecting your desktop or showing your desktop some love, so I created this heart-shaped coaster and mousepad set. Once again, dual purpose, cute and fun!” she says.


“A close friend asked me to help her move a shelf out of her office. She felt it looked messy and didn’t match her other decor. When I got there, I realized the problem was not the shelf, but the way it was styled,” recalls Bohn of this product which is available at Staples. “I also realized that she desperately needed the shelf for storage. After I rearranged and organized the shelves she loved them. The Flipshelf is one of my quick and easy organizing fixes. Shelving in seconds, no tools, no assembly, and folds flat if you don’t need it. The styling is simple so it adapts to almost any decor; it’s ideal for small space living at home and at work. Best of all, it can provide necessary storage to keep supplies, projects and other items off the floor and desktop. Well-styled, it will actually enhance your workspace.”

Engraved Task Clips

“An important skill for staying organized is minimizing the number of times you touch a piece of paper,” Bohn says. “Subconsciously, each time you pick up a document, you must process or make a decision about next steps. Task Clips eliminate this step. As you sort paperwork, you attach a Task Clip, so the next time you touch that piece of paper you instantly know the next step.”

Supply Box

“In my own home office I struggled with having the right amount of office supplies on hand. I found I either had too much and then needed to find a place to store them, or too little and had to run out for supplies in the middle of a project. It was my own frustration that led me to create the Supply Box, with a perfectly sized assortment of frequently used office supplies,” says Bohn. “To make it even more versatile I designed a lid that folds completely under if you want to use it on the desktop or in a drawer, or covers the top with a magnetic closure if you need to travel with it or put it away when not in use.”

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Hello Notecards

“How do you stand out at work? Simple: Write a note. Not an email, not a text, just a note,” Bohn advises.

Tin Caddy

“Your laptop was supposed to make your workspace portable, but what to do with your office supplies? The Tin Caddy solves the problem of the versatile workspace,” Bohn says. “Whether you want to work from the kitchen table or a dedicated home office, your supplies will be organized and close at hand.”

Black Dot Desk Organizer

“Visual clutter is a real thing that affects productivity,” Bohn says. “For people that are especially sensitive to visual clutter, an all-in-one desktop solution, like a desk organizer, is the perfect solution. You can keep frequently used supplies and work-in-progress in one unit. Not just for the desktop, this is a great solution for kitchen counter or entryway clutter.”

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