Gilmore Girls Reunion: Jared Padalecki Reveals He Was “Team Jess,” Milo Ventimiglia Was “Team Dean”

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Gilmore Girls' hunks Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia, and Matt Czuchry all revealed whether they were "Team Jess" or "Team Dean" -- get the details from Us Weekly here! 

Rooting for the other team! The cast of Gilmore Girls reunited on Saturday, June 6, at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas, where two of the show’s leading hunks Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia dished who they were ultimately rooting for Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) to end up with.

Padalecki told Us Weekly how he felt about Rory’s final choice. “I don’t know,” the Supernatural actor mused to Us. “I’m team Jess. I admit it. I even told Milo. I’m totally team Jess.”

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Meanwhile, Ventimiglia shared with Us that he was rooting for Padalecki’s character. “Oh, man, I have no idea,” he reflected on the red carpet. “I’ve been vocal about being team Dean, so maybe she should have gone way back around to the very beginning. That would have been nice.”

Milo Ventimiglia

During the panel, Ventimiglia revealed that he was not so fond of another one of Rory’s love interests. The Heroes alum shared that he thought “Logan was a dick.” (Logan, portrayed by Matt Czuchry, was Rory’s Yale sweetheart.)

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“They each brought something out in Rory that she needed at the time,” Czuchry noted during the panel, although the actor confessed that he personally was on “Team Jess.”

Matt Czuchry

The series’ leading lady Bledel, however, was more diplomatic about her romantic interests. “It’s unfair picking one,” she dished. “They’re all such wonderful actors.”

Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes in the series, was rather direct about the guys’ very blatant flaws. “None of you were good enough for Rory,” he joked on the panel.

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The one consensus reached by both Padalecki and Ventimiglia on Saturday was that both are up for a reboot. “Totally for a reboot,” Padalecki told Us. “I love the character of Dean and now I’m on a show where I play Sam, and my brother is Dean… I’d love to go get the opportunity to go and wrap up Dean’s story. See where Dean is.”

Though slightly less enthusiastic about the idea of a reboot, Ventimiglia told Us that he was open to the idea. “I’m not the biggest fan of pumping blood and life into the old, dead horse anymore,” he confessed to Us, “but I think if anything, it would be cool for fans.”

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Patterson told Us that he was standing by his previous comments about a possible reboot. “My personal feelings though are that fans really deserve it. They’ve given us so much love and affection over the years, and it continues on a daily basis,” he told Us. “They deserve it.”

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