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Relive the 15 Best ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Moments of All Time Before the 300th Episode

Grey's Anatomy best moments
Grey's Anatomy Bob DAmico/ABC via Getty Images

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been scrubbing in for 13 seasons now, and on the brink of the show’s 300th episode, Us Weekly has gathered the greatest moments ever from the critically acclaimed medical drama.

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial have seen it all. From bombings to plane crashes, to heartaches and weddings, relive the most memorable scenes from Grey’s Anatomy!

*Spoiler Alert: This post may ruin some episodes if you are not up to date with Grey’s Anatomy.

1. George Performs Open Heart Surgery in the Elevator

Flying solo! George O’Malley, aka “007,” surprised everyone while successfully performing surgery in a trapped elevator.

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2. Meredith Shows Derek the House of Candles

Of all the tearjerking MerDer scenes that Shonda Rhimes has given us, this one always holds a special place in our hearts.

3. Addison Montgomery’s Arrival 

That awkward moment when Derek Shepherd didn’t tell Meredith Grey that he was married! Love her or hate her, Addison Montgomery had a huge roll during her time on Grey’s. Her sass, talent and zest for life ultimately fueled her own spinoff show, Private Practice.

4. Meredith and Cristina Dance It Out for the Last Time

They’ll always be each other’s person. Right before Cristina Yang left Seattle and exited the show, she and Meredith had one of their legendary dance sessions one last time.

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5. Bailey Stops the Elevator for Derek

Although the doctors have become somewhat immune to the severity of their profession, every once in a while, they need a moment to grieve a lot. Miranda Bailey recognized that Derek was overcome by emotion after losing one of his patients to save another (see “Into You Like a Train” episode). Bailey helped Derek by giving him a moment and stopping their elevator.

6. April Runs Off With Jackson at Her Wedding

All things said and done, Jackson Avery couldn’t deny his feelings for April Kepner, and he made his feelings heard at the very last moment.

7. Meredith and Derek Wed With Post-It Vows

It may not be the traditional way to marry, but for them, it meant everything.

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8. Mark Tells Lexie They’re ‘Meant to Be’

Days after Lexie Grey told Mark Sloane that she’s in love with him, the tragic plane crash occurred and Lexie was the first to lose her life in the aftermath. Moments before she passed, Mark reciprocated her feelings and told her how much he loves her.

9. Who Cut the L-Vad Wire?

Interns who stand up for each other, stay together! Alex Karev, George, Cristina and Meredith defend Izzie Stevens and don’t allow her to admit she went to extreme measures to try and save her love Denny Duquette’s life in his final hour.

10. Cristina Helps Owen Work Through His PTSD

They may not have ended up together, but Cristina understood Owen Hunt in a way that very few others had. In many occasions throughout the show, Cristina helps Owen work through his PTSD.

11. That One Episode With the Bomb…

What doesn’t go down in this emotional episode? In what has become known as one of the most memorable scenes in the show’s history, Miranda gives birth, Meredith holds a bomb in her hand and Derek saves Bailey’s husband at-the-time Tucker.

12. The Musical Episode

The doctors demonstrate their talented singing skills while trying to save Callie Torres’ life after she and Arizona Robbins experienced a nearly fatal car crash.

13. Richard Webber Reminds the Doctors of Their Oath

Richard takes a humble moment to recite his oath and remind his staff why they do what they do.

14. Alex Cuddles With the Baby

Alex saves a premature infant’s life by holding him close — need we say more?

15. Cristina Tells Meredith She’s the Sun

This one speaks for itself.

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