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Jason Sudeikis Caught Laughing on Oscars Stage Over Inside Joke With Olivia Wilde, Shares GIF

Busted! Jason Sudeikis was caught on camera making a funny face while presenting at the 2014 Oscars earlier this month. While appearing on SNL pal Seth MeyersLate Night show on Tuesday, March 18, Sudeikis shared a GIF of himself breaking into a huge grin on stage, and explained exactly what was so funny.

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The 38-year-old actor was a bundle of nerves before presenting the award for Best Documentary Short Subject and Live Action Short Film with Kate Hudson on stage

“The names that I had to read — they were foreign films,” Sudeikis told Meyers. “Kate got to read them in voice-overs . . . They sent me an MP3 of the actual names and they were the craziest names. I have a crazy name, so I want to do a good job for these people.”

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On the way to the show, Sudeikis’ pregnant fiancee Olivia Wilde tried to help him practice the pronunciations.

“The whole time I’m listening to the MP3 in the limo on the way there,” he recalled. “Olivia next to me helping out — she’s much better at dialects . . . The whole joke for Liv and I on the way there was I hope that Helium wins,” he explained of the easily-pronounced Danish film by Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson. “So when I opened it up to read who it was and I saw that it was Helium, I read it with so much enthusiasm,” Sudeikis explained. “I’m laughing about the inside joke . . . it’s a huge sigh of relief.” 

jason and olivia
Watch Jason Sudeikis share a GIF and explain a funny exchange he had with fiancee Olivia Wilde while presenting on stage at the 2014 Oscars.

The look of relief was clearly evident when he flashed Wilde, who was sitting in the audience, a huge grin — and it was captured in a hilarious GIF.

“It’s of me looking down at my lovely fiancee, who’s in on the joke, and she is doubled over laughing in the middle of all these movie stars,” Sudeikis explained of the moment. “And I’m like, ‘I can’t believe that happened.’ Actually, she’s quadrupled over because there’s a baby in there.”

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See the GIF in the funny video above from a clip of Sudeikis’ interview with Meyers on Late Night.

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