Jeff Perry: Scandal Actor Joins Us For Live Twitter Q&A! Read His Spoilers and Surprising Behind-the-Scenes Details!

Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene on Scandal
Jeff Perry plays the vicious political animal Cyrus Beene on ABC's hit drama Scandal. The actor will join Us Weekly for a live Twitter Q&A on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. ET using #ScandalUs. Craig Sjodin/ABC

On Thursday, Dec. 12, Us Weekly had a fantastic live Twitter Q&A with Scandal star Jeff Perry, who plays the cutthroat White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene. Topics ranged from Perry's theories on major plot twists to his new Kickstarter campaign for the film Building Bridges, starring Scandal's Guillermo Diaz, Jeff Perry, Elizabeth Perkins, Cullen Douglas, and Kadee Strickland.

Check out the full transcript of the chat below, including Perry's thoughts on Scandal costar Kerry Washington!

Q: @UsWeekly Last week ended with a huge twist involving Cyrus and the VP. Will Sally be able to get out of this? @jscandalp #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: Cyrus will do everything in his power to get Sally out of it #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @iBiebTeam can you describe gladiators in ONE WORD? 🙂 #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: fearless! #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @iBiebTeam do you have a favorite episode? If so which one 🙂 #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: I am currently awe-struck at tonight's mid-season finale episode #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @KelleyF107 What drew you to the Building Bridges project & why is making the movie so important right now? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: we've experienced 2 many instances of mass violence. this is a story of remarkable survival. It gives us hope.

Q: @KWsGladiator Where do you draw your inspiration from when playing Cyrus? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: @lindalowy wife and casting director teases me that I'm part #Ghandi and part warrior #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @ms_tlovee We saw Cyrus was married to a woman. What type of woman do you imagine Cyrus was married to? #JeffTweetswithUS
A: a woman in denial #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @Buzg @BBthefilm @jscandalp how did you hear about this incredible story?!
A: @CullenDoug who wrote and will star in the film asked me to come on board #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @lizcriolla What message do you like audience learn from BB film?
A: That the growing violence in our culture costs us all and that we need to begin healing #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @MsShiraJames #JeffTweetsWithUs which role do you prefer or fits your personality best…. Thatcher Grey or Cyrus?!
A: love 'em both BUT Cyrus #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @fivegeorge42 #JeffTweetsWithUs How has this role challenged you as an actor?
A: Great writing and awesome cast-mates allows you to do the best you can do #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @ScandalAandB What's one characteristic you love about your character Cyrus on scandal? #JeffTweetswithUs
A: that he's actually a romantic

Q: @UsWeekly Kerry Washington was just nominated by SAG & the Golden Globes! What makes her stand out in TV today? #Scandal @jscandalp #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: raging talent, depth, and beauty #JeffTweetsWithUs @kerrywashington

Q: @AndreaCanny how can we help get building bridges filmed?  what great kickstarter prizes are for Scandal lovers?
A: CHK out #jeffsSeasonofGiving and awesome private #Scandal dinners with the cast

Q: @ZZakijia7 I'm a student who wants to major in theatre & do film. What advice do you have for when things get tough? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: find any avenue of self determination: class, iPhone, movies with your friends, $10 theater #JeffTweetsWithUs

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Q: @positivelypt Jeff — during this season of giving, I'm curious about what non-profit organizations you donate for or help promote? #jefftweetswithus
A: GLAAD, HRC, and not for profit theater

Q: @Team_Olitz Does the twitterverse become too much to handle at times? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: live tweeting on Thursday nights makes us feel like air traffic controllers but we love it!

Q: @UsWeekly Will Quinn ever be able to redeem herself? She's put the team through so much over the past few seasons. #JeffTweetsWithUs 
A: She must. We adore our Quinn. Please @shondarhimes redemption! #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @ilonarcari which ep you are curently working on? #scandal #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: currently working on episode 311

Q: @ellenpompperoni do you ever gasp or scream out loud at the table reads?
A: Oh yes!

Q: @jaasminej What has been the most fulfilling moment for you as an actor since being on Scandal? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: probably the long, amazing, naked scene with James. #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @Gladiator_OP could you see yourself as another character on The show if so who? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: Are you nuts?! I'm in actor heaven. Cyrus is my bff #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @PriyaT01 #JeffTweetsWithUs what's shocked you the most about Cy so far?
A: coming within a hairs breadth of killing my husband! #JeffTweetsWithUs

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Q: @mwunder5 does Cyrus have any idea that the man he fears most Rowan @JOEtheMORTON is Olivia's Father? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: at the risk of being fired for stupidity I don't think Cyrus knows that…

Q: @gladiatorMD who are you filming with tonight?? #JeffTweetsWithUS
A: Leo, James, Mellie, and Olivia #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @BrittLeighPoe I adore you! What actor would u love to  work with 4 the 1st time or work with again? #dreamcostar 
A: Javier Bardem, and my ex-wife Laurie Metcalf

Q: @Trevino30Taylor Do we need tissues tonight!?! Along with the wine and popcorn of course! #Scandal
A: I would suggest an oxygen tank #Scandal #JeffTweetsWithUs

Q: @NellaBanella What three things do you never leave home without? #JeffTweetsWithUs
A: (laughing) wallet, iPhone and keys and I normally forget the phone or the wallet

Be sure to tune into the Scandal mid-season finale at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Us Weekly will be live tweeting the episode from the @UsWeekly handle using #Scandal. 

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