Kate Gosselin Slaps Emeril Lagasse With Cooking Utensil

For the 100th episode of their hit TLC show, Jon and Kate Gosselin welcomed celeb chef Emeril Lagasse into their Wernersville, Pa., kitchen, which Kate dubbed "an unsightly mess."

He helped them prepare green bean casserole, granola and chili mac. (The show was taped back in March, months before Us Weekly broke the news of the couple's crumbling marriage.)

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Emeril asked Kate if Jon was good in the kitchen. "Not so much," Kate replied without hesitation.

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Later, Kate sarcastically joked to her husband: "Jon, do you know where the oven is?" "Let me point to it!" he quickly replied.

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Kate got a kick that Jon's main assignment was to peel garlic. "I don't cook," Jon said, "but apparently I am good in the food prep area."

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The highlight of the meal for Jon? Seeing Emeril take over the kitchen. "That's Kate's territory," Jon explained. "And he went into her territory, which is funny because he took control and pushed her out of the way and did his thing."

Kate still managed to get her say, playfully slapping Emeril with a cooking utensil which she told him was better to use for scraping food out of a bowl. "I did slap Emeril," Kate later admitted. "Then I went, 'Oh, sorry!'"

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While preparing the meal, Emeril congratulated Jon on their 100th episode. "I don't know how you made it," he told the father of eight. Replied Jon, "I don't, either."

At the end of the show, the family sat and enjoyed their meal. "It was nice – we sat around with him and ate dinner," said Kate. Said Jon, "I hope he comes back someday."

Before the show ended, Jon said in a voiceover, "This was a special episode because this was our 100th episode. It's pretty amazing."

"What an accomplishment," Kate said in a voiceover as she gave her family high-fives.

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