Kate McKinnon Does Her Best Ellen DeGeneres Impression on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Seeing double! Ellen DeGeneres invited Kate McKinnon to appear on the Wednesday, February 24, episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the Saturday Night Live star gave a hilariously spot-on impression of the talk show host.

"I love her so much. She impersonates me on Saturday Night Live. She's beautiful, she's charming, she's smart, she's hilarious — she's me, is what she is," DeGeneres, 58, said by way of introduction. "She really is hilarious, but it's weird to have somebody do impressions of you, because you hear it and you're like, 'Well, that's such an exaggeration. I mean, it's funny, but that doesn't sound like me at all.' And then the next day your friends call you up and they're like, 'Did you see Kate on SNL? She sounded exactly like you.' She does exaggerate. She always says, 'I'm Ellen! I'm Ellen!' I don't even know what that is. 'I'm Ellen!'"

Ellen Degeneres (left) and Kate McKinnon Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

That’s when an identically dressed McKinnon, 32, graced the stage to take over for DeGeneres’ opening monologue. "I'm Ellen, I got this blondie,” she quipped, immediately eliciting laughs from the audience. “So step aside!”

"Hi, y'all. Happy Wednesday. I gotta tell you about something that happened last night up at the house. [Portia de Rossi] and I got a puppy and we named it Kid to make it sound like we have a kid. Funnily enough a kid is also a baby goat. And I love baby goats! I love 'em! I love baby goats!" McKinnon said in her famously funny Ellen voice. "True story: I once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat."

DeGeneres was quick to clarify: "That's not true at all."

Kate McKinnon (left) and Ellen Degeneres Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Still, that didn't stop McKinnon from making another inaccurate joke: "So anyway, I'm up at the house and all of a sudden one of the kitty, kitty, kitty cats—"

Stopping the comedienne again, DeGeneres said, "I don't say kitty, kitty, kitty cats.”

A still-in-character McKinnon corrected her doppelgänger. "Yes you do, you tiny beauty," she assured. "I put together a few of the times you've said it. Do we have that? Take a look."

McKinnon then rolled tape on a highlight reel, showing clips of the SNL cast member saying the line over and over again. "That's you!" 

"That doesn't count,” DeGeneres protested. In the end, both Ellens did what they do best: danced. 

McKinnon first impersonated DeGeneres on her own show back in April 2013.

Watch the funny clip above!

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