Key and Peele Reenact the Best Game of Thrones Deaths, Because It’s Cold-Blooded Up in Westeros!

Move over, "Liam Neesons" — the valets on Key & Peele have a new pop culture obsession: Game of Thrones!

The two overly enthusiastic characters, played by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele on their Comedy Central sketch comedy series, are very passionate about their film and TV favorites despite not having a full grasp of their names. Just look at how excited they got about the Taken movies in a NSFW previous skit!

Key & Peele GOT
The valets on Key & Peele love Game of Thrones almost as much as they love Liam Neesons and Bruce Willy.

This time, the coworkers bond over their love of Game of Thrones because "it's cold-blooded up in Westeros, dawg." Come for the Khaleesi love (and screeching dragon impersonations), stay for the Red Wedding reenactment. (Needless to say, there are spoilers. Very entertaining ones.)

Remember how shocked you were when Ned Stark died in Game of Thrones? The Key & Peele valets were too. Helen Sloan

Cue up the GoT theme music as the guys get ultra excited about "Tywon Lannisters," aka "The Dinkles," Ned Stark's decapitation, and every major death of the series so far ahead of the season 5 premiere on Sunday, April 12.

Tell Us: Is The Dinkles is your jam, your jelly, your peanut butter, and your peanuts?

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