Kit Harington Judges Amazing Jon Snow Impressions on Kimmel: Watch!

If Kit Harington ever decides to leave Game of Thrones, HBO knows where to find a replacement. Three seriously impressive Jon Snow impersonators were featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, June 10, and showed off their skills for Harington himself. 

The British hunk, 28, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! ahead of Game of Thrones‘ fifth season finale on Sunday, June 14. Harington chatted with host Jimmy Kimmel about his role of the brooding Stark bastard son and Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch before checking out the men who could give him a run for his money.

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“It’s a beloved character, maybe the most beloved character on the series,” Kimmel explained. “So much so that there are — and I’ve happened upon these guys myself — guys on the Internet who do impersonations of you doing Jon Snow.”

Kimmel then queued up the three men, who videochatted into the show from the comfort of their own homes. Harington first evaluated Scheiffer Bates, a Game of Thrones enthusiast from Wales in the United Kingdom.

Bates read from a “Frosties aka Frosted Flakes cereal box” to do his impression, putting a surprisingly dramatic spin on the breakfast staple. 

kit harington judges jon snows on kimmel
Kit Harington judges Jon Snow impersonators on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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“Did you know every Kellogg’s Frosties Flake starts as a grain of corn, grown in a farmer’s field where it’s nice and sunny?” Bates read as Jon Snow. “It takes just a few simple steps to get to your bowl.”

He was followed by Charlie Farrell from L.A.’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood, who read from a local house listing. Farrell furrowed his brows as Jon Snow would before reading, “White picket fences… fruit trees, and a swing on the porch all greet you as you enter into an open floor plan of 155 square feet.”

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Finally, Steve Love from Ottawa, Canada, gave it his best shot, reading from the back of a Pantene haircare bottle.  “Pantene will give you healthy looking hair with every wash,” the impressionist repeated. “Did you know that protein loss makes hair vulnerable to damage?”

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