‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Recap: Kim Kardashian Questions Kourtney’s Relationship with Corey Gamble

Started from the bottom and now we’re here! Rob Kardashian made a major life upgrade by getting a brand new house during the Sunday, May 15, episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But um … who paid for it?

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Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian questioned Kourtney Kardashian‘s “inappropriate” relationship with Corey Gamble, and Rob ghosted his favorite sister. Also important: The “tooth fairy” gave Mason Disick $100 for losing his second chomper. Because #normal.

Facts: Kim Kardashian Is Team Blac Chyna

When it comes to Rob and Blac Chyna (aka Chob), the Kardashians have mixed feelings. But both Khloé Kardashian and Kim complimented their brother’s increased confidence, with Kim noting that Rob seems happier. “I don’t care who he’s dating,” she told the camera. “I’m so happy he’s just feeling better about himself.”

The Selfish author did note, however, that it was supershady of Rob to go behind Kylie Jenner‘s back, considering that she’s linked to Blac’s ex, Tyga. “He should have said to us, ‘Hey, guys, this is how I feel. I can’t help who I love, and I fell in love with her,'” Kim said. “But Kylie should know this. He has no loyalty.”

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian
Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kourtney + Corey = WTF

Apparently, Kris Jenner‘s boyfriend, Corey, spends a lot of time with Kourtney, and everyone thinks it’s wack. Kim told the camera that their relationship is a “little weird,” described the dynamic as “bizarre,” and then complained about the “inappropriate” family hike they went on. Meanwhile, Kourtney was just all, “I FaceTime him literally every day!” *shrug*

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Kim tried to confront Kourtney about her relationship with Corey, but ended up admitting that maybe she just doesn’t know her pseudo stepdad well enough. “I don’t even know where he’s from,” Kim said. “Like, does he have sisters?” Kim and Corey ended up bonding up a storm, and Kim eventually mused, “To find someone that just kinda fits in, and is so chill, and goes with the flow is, like, really I think a blessing to my mom.”

Rob Finally Gets His Own House

Rob is moving on up! The Kardashian clan’s resident sock salesman bought himself a new house, or rather, Kris bought it for him — at least according to Khloé. The fitness advocate was hurt that her brother didn’t get in touch after moving out, and she accused Kris of lying about who paid for his new pad. “It’s not his money, because I know how much money he has in his account,” Khloé said. “You are one of the world’s biggest liars. I’m just allergic to bulls–t.”

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Khloé refused to help with Rob’s move and didn’t seem to understand why her brother would be mad at her for being mad at him over the fact that he snuck Blac into the house. “I’m allowed to say I don’t want strangers in my home,” she told the camera, later complaining to her friend Malika Haqq, “it shouldn’t be OK for people just to leave that easily. He doesn’t care.”

Khloé tried to contact Rob and be the bigger person, but they weren’t able to connect as of this episode. [Insert ghost emoji here….]

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Her Diva On

So, Kourtney made the cover of Architectural Digest, and it might have gone to her head. Not only did she complain about sharing the mag cover with Khloé (“this is, like, my thing”), she said her sister’s style “pisses the f–k” out of her, and then yelled at Kris for copying her cups. “Mom, it’s just not cool that you copy me,” she said. “I go to lengths to try to get things that not everybody has. … Just, no one copy me.”

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Kris reached her limit when Kourtney redecorated Rob’s house after Faye Resnick had worked all day to design it, and Kim even chimed in and called her sister a “diva.” Sounds dramatic, but to be honest, none of this matters because 1) Rob has zero design sense, and 2) the only relevant thing he said about his new pad was “I can’t wait to put my dick all over that bed.”

And yes, he said that to Kris Jenner, aka his mom.

Tell Us: Will Khloé and Rob get over the hump?

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