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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Recap: Tara Reid Dances on Table, Complains to Producer About the Show

Marriage Boot Camp Cast
Marriage Boot Camp Cast

Once in a while, someone gets pushed to the edge and decides to jump off. On the Friday, July 29, episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars that someone was Tara Reid. After Tara’s (assumed) boyfriend, Dean May, was finally released from the “jail” cell where Jim and Elizabeth Carroll had been holding him, he found Tara acting strangely in the kitchen. Though she claimed to be cooking chicken sliders, it looked more like she was just banging around and throwing various supplies on the floor.

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“How fucked up are you?” Dean asked Tara. “What are you doing?” Tara replied not to worry and that she was just cleaning up. Dean said he had no idea what she was doing and headed up to bed, leaving Tara to stuff her face alone. Witnessing part of the exchange, Toya Wright speculated that Tara either had a drinking problem or was hiding something or both.

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A Shot in the Dark

Jim and Elizabeth then designed an exercise to help the campers face their worst enemies: themselves. It involved writing these undesirable traits on a T-shirt, putting the tee on a dummy, and beating the daylight out of it while verbalizing their feelings. As usual, pretty much everyone jumped on board with the exercise — except Tara.

“I hate that I don’t trust you,” she said as she tapped the dummy. “I hate that I’m scared of you, and that I hold everything inside. I hate that I’m always disappointed.” Later, Tara reasoned that “violence” was not a way to heal anything. Dean, however, disagreed, saying he found the experience to be very therapeutic.

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Following her failed effort at participating, Tara relocated to the kitchen and began taking shots. When she emerged, a completely different Tara had appeared — one who wanted to party. As the other couples cheered, Tara crawled onto the table. “Where’s the motherf—ing champagne?” she asked as she positioned herself on a lazy Susan and began spinning around. Dean, who had been drinking as well, got on the table next (with some help from Cody Sattler, who literally lifted Dean onto the table). What could go wrong?

Tara Thinks Dean Is Plotting Against Her

“I never knew we were competing,” Tara lamented to Toya before clarifying that she believed Dean was actually “plotting” against her. (Toya thought this was nonsense.) Tara tried to string together her thoughts but didn’t really succeed. “I’ve never seen him,” she mumbled. “The moments on camera … like, he’s trying to be a star.” She added that Dean “obviously” had “some master plan,” which she didn’t. Um. OK.

Behind closed doors (but with their mics still on), Tara told Dean, “I don’t want to do this anymore. You’re torturing me, please.” Dean told her she was “acting insane.” When Tara continued ranting, Dean told her what she was doing was “the most insane thing of all time.” (That might have been an overstatement, but he wasn’t entirely off the mark.) Tara said he should “win an Emmy” for his performance.

Lisa D’Amato and Toya listened as their fight continued. Lisa believed Dean had Tara’s “best interest at heart,” while Toya observed, “She’s driving this man crazy.”

Tara Goes Nuts in the Production Room

Increasingly frustrated, Tara stormed off to the production room, where she went on a wild and semicoherent rant. “I’m tired of Dean trying to play up that he’s the king,” Tara said before storming off to talk to a producer. “I didn’t know who anyone was in this f–king house when they walked in. But everyone knows who I am on this scene. It’s a fact!” (File that under “another fact according to Tara Reid.”) The shocked producer explained he didn’t understand 90 percent of what she was talking about, prompting Tara to say that she was “wrong” in her opinion of Dean.

Around this time, Dean realized that Tara had not been in the bathroom as he’d assumed, and got pretty worried as he led a haphazard search party to look for her. Meanwhile, Tara had called her mother and placed the phone in her bra so her mom could hear what was transpiring with the producers.

“She’s on the phone because this is my mother!” she ranted. “She’s listening to everything we’re saying.” As a producer tried to get Tara to calm down, she screamed, “Dean is a liar! All he’s doing is winning the crowd!” Eventually, the production crew talked Tara off the ledge and got her to agree to rejoin the group.

Everyone Accepts Everyone, Except Tara and Dean

In a final step toward self-acceptance, Jim and Elizabeth had the couples declare to each other that they accepted the other person for who they are, flaws included. The exercise felt a bit like a marriage ceremony, and everyone got into it. Cody and Michelle Money hugged, as he told her that all of the “s–t” she'd described about herself made her the woman he loved. Even Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon made peace with his cheating.

Tara and Dean, however, argued throughout the exercise. “I never expected this from you,” she said. “F–k you! I never expected this from you!” he snapped back. When they did finally get up to make their reciprocal pledges of acceptance, Tara took the opportunity to skewer him (again).

“I just think that in my heart, you should know exactly how I feel about you and know how much I love you,” Dean began. “How am I supposed to know when you’re making all this show for everyone?” Tara shouted.

“You don’t even let me talk!” she argued. “It’s either you’re having fun, or I’m having fun! We used to have fun together! Now I feel stabbed in the back!” Dean suggested, “Let’s just end it. Let’s stop.” They then headed to their bedroom where Tara wandered around looking dazed in search of the microphones (presumably so they could dismantle them and continue their conversation without being recorded).

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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on We TV Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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