‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Shawniece Pees With the Door Open in Front of Her Husband

Jaclyn and Ryan on Married At First Sight
Jaclyn and Ryan on Married At First Sight 

Honeymoon or bust! On the Tuesday, January 16, episode of Married at First Sight, the couples spent their first night together as husband and wife, had brunch with their families the morning after and headed off to their honeymoons at Palace Resorts’ newest luxury all-inclusive property, Moon Palace Jamaica.

Shawniece Pees With the Door Open

Shawniece was nervous heading into her wedding night because she hadn’t had sex in 14 months. Jephte seemed nervous because he didn’t necessarily want to have sex. Shawniece went straight for the safe sex bowl filled with condoms, as Jephte commented that he was hoping to “just go to sleep.” She seemed more nervous about letting her new husband seeing her without makeup on than having sex with him. He did see her makeup-free, but they did not consummate the marriage.

The next morning, Jephte revealed that while he thought his wife was “adorable,” she also “peed with the door open” and he didn’t like that so much. When she forced him to put her name in his phone and he didn’t want to list her as his wife, things got tense.

Brunch with Shawniece’s family did seem to calm Jephte’s nerves a bit, however. Midway through the meal, Shawniece’s mother casually revealed that her brother was killed in 2010. Jephte then confessed that he has a brother who had been in jail for about a year. Jephte appreciated how open Shawnience’s family was, though he seemed more comfortable with his mother-in-law than his new bride.

Jephte and Shawniece had a rough start to their honeymoon. They missed their flight and lost their luggage. Once they finally arrived in their room at the Jamaican resort he said their day “sucked” and she was not pleased.

Jon and Molly on Married At First Sight
Jon and Molly on Married At First Sight

Jonathan Has Sex on the Brain

Both Molly and Jonathan were optimistic that they were well matched. He even felt that losing his job was worth the risk after meeting her. The next morning, when he pulled out a ball gag that his friends had given them as a wedding gift, though, Molly was not impressed. “No,” she simply said when he proudly showed it to her.

As they waited for their plane to fly to Jamaica for their honeymoon, Jonathan joked that they were going to have sex during the flight. Apparently he didn’t get the message from Molly the first time. When they arrived at the resort in Jamaica, he mentioned, again, that was hoping they’d have sex that night. ICYMI, Jonathan wanted to have sex with Molly.

Smooth Sailing for Jaclyn and Ryan

Jaclyn and Ryan both agreed there was a lot of chemistry between them, though Ryan soon discovered that Jaclyn was a “huge bed hog” and she discovered that he talked in his sleep. In the morning, Ryan pointed out there was a condom on the floor.

Later that day, the newlyweds met up with their families for brunch. While Jaclyn’s father admitted he was “skeptical” of the way his daughter got married, he said they were “excited” now that they’d met Ryan. Ryan liked hearing that. It turned out they both had parents who had been happily married for decades and this made them each feel more secure in their new union.

When they arrived at their honeymoon suite, Jaclyn told the cameras that everything had been really natural and easy so far, and admitted that even though she barely knew Ryan, things still felt romantic. He seemed like a kid in a candy shop as they settled in for the night.

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Married At First Sight airs on Lifetime Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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