Michelle Obama Plays Funny Games With Big Bird, Billy Eichner on Billy on the Street: Watch

The three amigos! Michelle Obama, Big Bird, and Billy Eichner spent some quality time at a supermarket together for a new installment of Eichner’s Funny or Die series, Billy on the Street

A new episode of the web show debuted on Monday, Feb. 16, and featured the First Lady and the Sesame Street favorite. Comedian Eichner, 36, met up with FLOTUS and Big Bird in a local Washington, D.C. grocery store. 

“As we all know, other than texting funny GIFs, one of the First Lady’s priorities has been to raise awareness of healthy eating and exercise for young kids and parents alike,” Eichner explained of Obama, 51.

President Barack Obama‘s wife then spoke about her latest effort to fight child obesity, a program called Eat Brighter. The campaign brings together Sesame Street and the produce industry in an attempt to make fruits and vegetables more attractive to kids. 

As Obama discussed the venture, Eichner accidentally bumped her, prompting a joking response of “Watch it, you could get shot” from the First Lady.

Bill, Mobama, Big Bird
Big Bird and Michelle Obama visit “Billy On The Street”

“Oh my god!” Eichner responded in his trademark yell. “This is so much fun! Fruits and vegetables, I could die at any moment!”

After regaining his composure, Eichner kicked off a game between FLOTUS, Big Bird, and Billy on the Street alum Elena, in which the contestants answered questions about celebrities and fresh produce. 

While Mrs. Obama performed well on questions about carrots and fruit, she got stumped when Eichner asked whether President Abraham Lincoln or President Barack Obama is hotter. Without skipping a beat, the First Lady said, “Oh, Barack Obama,” but was soon told by the comedian that she gave the wrong answer in his opinion.

The game just got more bonkers, as Obama slow danced with Big Bird, hid in the grocery store, did her best impression of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, and finally, pushed Eichner in a shopping cart while he recited Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Oscar acceptance speech from the year she was honored for Shakespeare in Love. Find out if FLOTUS won the game in the video above!

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