Milo Ventimiglia on More ‘Gilmore Girls’: I Think Fans Generate the Rumors

Milo Ventimiglia Gilmore Girls

Jess is breaking hearts once more. Milo Ventimiglia is keeping mum about more Gilmore Girls, even suggesting that it’s fans of Stars Hollow who are behind the rumors.

But seriously, can you blame Us?

“If you go to Warner Bros. or to [creator] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] or Lauren [Graham] or Alexis [Bledel] everything is generated by the fans and trying to will things to existence,” the This Is Us star, 40, exclusively tells Us Weekly.

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia Gilmore Girls
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“The thing that I always compare it to is a concert. You go to a show and it’s a great show and you love the band. And they go off stage and you clap and they come back on for one or two more songs and then they leave the stage — they don’t come back on the stage again,” he adds. “It’s a bit of an acceptance for an audience. You can’t have something live on forever. You have to accept that there is a time and a moment where you’re favorite show is on and you get to see stories of these characters but these characters have to go on. These actors that play them, the writers that write them, they have to move on.”

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Luckily, Ventimiglia returned before that (possible) final curtain call for Netflix’s revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Four new 90-minute episodes dropped in November 2016, which meant more trips to Luke’s Diner, a pregnancy bombshell and plenty of coffee.

“I think fans are very fortunate to have four more episodes of this show, but beyond that I’m kind of focusing on Jack,” Ventimiglia adds to Us, referring to his This Is Us character.

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Nevertheless, Jess’ return was a nostalgia-filled treat for Team Jess fans. The favorite bad boy still had his leather jacket, dark locks, and a book on hand. Even more, he appeared to still be in love with Rory. In his final scene, Jess longingly watched on through a window as the Yale University grad helped Kirk (Sean Gunn) rest after he overdecorated Lorelai and Luke’s (Scott Patterson) wedding. (His side business Oober — not Uber — probably didn’t help either.)

“Shooting the last scene I remember was a pretty quick moment. Amy gave me some direction, I took it and then they captured it,” Ventimiglia recalls to Us. “I never dream about where any of my characters are when I take off their clothes. I take off the characters’ skin and move on from it. I don’t even imagine where they go so I’m not sure where Jess went.”

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