This Missing Pet Parakeet Was Rescued by a Neighbor’s Cat

Parakeet Cat
Parakeet and Cat Getty Images

This cat didn’t need to call a firefighter for help — he’s a hero all on his own! A missing pet parakeet in Scotland was rescued by a neighbor’s cat in what turned out to be a hilarious animal encounter.

Rosie Bloom had been missing from her conservatory for six weeks when a 7-month-old cat named Bear, who lived about a mile away from the bird’s owner, caught her and delivered her to the feline’s human parents. “We are used to him bringing in mice and birds,” Bear’s owner, Professor Dame Sue Black, told BBC on Wednesday, July 25. “We were sitting in the dining room and heard an almighty squawking — it was a budgie, we thought where did he get a budgie from? He was ever so proud.” The budgerigar, aka budgie, is more commonly known as a parakeet.

She continued: “It was like a farce as we tried to catch the poor thing … We put the budgie in the cat’s box and took it to the vet.”

There, Rosie Bloom was reunited with her owner, Penny Campbell, who had been desperately searching for the bird and ultimately discovered her location via Facebook. “Rosie Bloom had been living wild and must have been feeding herself,” she said. “She’s now back in the comfort of her own home and seems fine.”

Both animal lovers are thrilled with the outcome. “It’s a miracle — I am so grateful,” Campbell noted. “To me, it’s the most amazing story ever.”

Black agreed: “It’s a happy ending — I am delighted.”

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