‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Finale Recap: Villain Returns From the Dead as One Liar Gets Kidnapped

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Drama, drama, drama! With some unexpected romances, the usual amount of lies, a major twist ending and, yes, even a little kidnapping, the Tuesday, March 15, season 6 finale of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars,” was crazy — even by the show’s own lofty standards!

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Liars Up to Their Old Tricks

The episode picked up right where last week’s ended: Hanna (Ashley Benson) had just texted the Liars’ stalker — who they were convinced was Sara (Dre Davis) — to claim she was the one who had killed Ali’s (Sasha Pieterse) older sister, Charlotte (Vanessa Ray), who just so happened to be their previous stalker, as you’ll recall. All the Liars were present, as were a few of their various boyfriends. Everyone was nervous and quiet, but they were supporting one another. It was just like the old days when the girls were in high school: They were being harassed, they were making a horrible plan involving some fantastic lies, the guys were there helping out. It was great.

A text came through: “If you’re lying, I (gun) all of you.”

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) suggested not going through with the plan, but Hanna pushed on, saying, “I trust Caleb.”

“I do too,” said Spencer.

“It’s the truth. I’ll call the cops,” Hannah typed back.

“No (pigs),” came the answer. “This is between you and me.”

“I need one more day,” said Hanna. Over her shoulder, Aria (Lucy Hale) quietly read the words, “It’ll be your last.”

(Mrs.) D. Is for Dead

Ali was over at her house with her new husband, Elliot (Huw Collins). He kissed her softly before getting up to leave for a conference, and she looked content. They definitely weren’t the only couple with a few romantic sparks flying, though.

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Spencer was showing Toby (Keegan Allen) the schematics stolen from Sara’s room at the Radley Hotel. They bantered, and it was almost like they were a couple again, but then they made a plan for Toby to keep the stalker away while Hanna waited for them at the Lost Woods Resort Inn. Toby and Spencer saw a secret room on the maps. They wondered if Charlotte could have built it.

Aria and Ezra (Ian Harding) were together too. Ezra was crying over his dead girlfriend, Nicole, but Aria was there to comfort him. She reached for his face but pulled back. He grabbed her hand in his. Like we said, sparks were everywhere that day.

Back at Ali’s, she was awakened by her infamous old music box playing “Für Elise.” She dropped it to the ground when she thought she saw the dirt-covered body of her dead mother behind her as she turned around, but there was no one there. Then the phone rang. The unmistakable voice of Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) rasped, “Did you miss me?”

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Luckily, Emily (Shay Mitchell) came over and connected with Ali over seeing visions of her father after his funeral. Ali was finally able to try to sleep.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like “A-Moji”?

Toby told Yvonne (Kara Royster) he wouldn’t be attending the party after the polls closed the next day. Understandably, Yvonne was furious, accurately pinpointing the reason for his absence as her mom’s senatorial rival’s daughter, Spencer. She stormed away, saying, “I won’t let you turn me into the woman who says, ‘Pick me, not her.’”

While putting lights and cameras around the electrified fence over at the Lost Woods, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) joked to Hanna about catching “A-moji,” and she decided to rename their stalker that on the spot.

While they were laughing like old times, Ali was attempting to sleep. She woke to see Detective Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson) in her bed, prompting Emily to run back over to the DiLaurentis-Rollings house, this time flanked by Aria. Emily went to call Elliot while Ali asked, “What’s wrong with me?”

Ali spoke to Elliot on the phone, and he swore she was suffering from unresolved guilt. As soon as they hung up, she had another vision of her mother, covered in dirt, and Wilden, with blood streaming from his gunshot wound.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, but Making Up … Not So Much

Aria was already sufficiently stressed out when she got to Ezra’s apartment, so she didn’t believe him when he told her that the release of their book had been pushed up to Christmas and the publishing house was talking about a prequel and a movie deal. Aria was so shocked that she leaped on Ezra and kissed him hard. Moments later, they were tearing off their clothes. (But what will she tell Liam?!)

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Emily — who is lucky enough if the series’ writers give her one solid romance, let alone two at a time like Aria gets now! — went to Ali’s house after voting, and when Elliot tried to video-call his wife’s phone, she saw it ringing on the couch, picked it up and had to admit that she had no idea where Ali went.

Out at the Lost Woods, where A-Moji was supposed to meet them, Caleb, Hanna, Ezra and Aria were waiting for the first phase of the plan to begin. Ezra and Aria went to put final touches on the fencing (and probably each other), and Hanna took the alone time to apologize to Caleb for the night they broke up. She flashed back to that night and how she got out of her cab and ran through the rain to find him and apologize for walking out on him, only to find he was gone.

“I never stopped loving you,” she told him in present day. Then just like Aria and Ezra, they kissed. (Meanwhile, just to remind you, Hanna’s best friend and Caleb’s current girlfriend, Spencer, was at Radley with her ex Toby, working on a plan to make sure Hanna stayed safe that night.)

Hanna then texted A-Moji that she was at the Lost Woods. The plan was in action!

A Drake and a Phony

While looking for the room hidden beneath Radley, Spencer and Toby were joined unexpectedly by Mona. Once they found and entered the secret room, she proved herself useful by finding a folder from the old psychiatric hospital. The patient named in the folder was Mary Drake, and she had one child listed. That child turned out to be Charlotte. Suddenly, they realized that Mrs. DiLaurentis had only adopted Charlotte. She, Jason (Drew Van Acker) and Ali had never been biological siblings.

As this was happening, Aria, Caleb and Ezra were watching from outside their motel room’s window as Hanna waited for A-Moji. They got distracted — sure, they saw someone coming — but by the time they realized they were wrong and got back to their post, Hanna had disappeared.

Ali, too, had disappeared, though in more of a mental way; after Emily finally found her hiding in the church, talking about how her mother and Wilden had come to drag her to hell, she checked herself into the psychiatric hospital.

Mrs. Hastings (Lesley Fera) won her race for senator. Surprisingly, Toby was at that party, not the concession with Yvonne and her family. There was little time to celebrate, though, because Aria called to tell Spencer that Hanna had been abducted. When Spencer got to the Lost Woods, they all watched the security footage together, recognizing a figure they were sure couldn’t really be on the film.

It appeared to be Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Back at Ali’s house, Wilden walked through the living room in his bloody shirt, pausing to peel back what turned out to be a very convincing mask. As it fell to the floor, it became clear that Elliot had been impersonating the dead cop all along. Mrs. DiLaurentis approached him, but he called her Mary. So Mrs. D had a twin the whole time.

She thanked Elliot for making the sacrifice of marrying his cousin to help her secure what was rightfully hers as she looked around the house.

After the audience got that reveal, the scene shifted back to the Liars at the Lost Woods. They got one more text.

“Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go,” the message read. It was signed “A.D.”

At the church, Hanna’s limp body was shown being dragged by an unknown person.

Tell Us: Who do you think A.D. is?

Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh season premieres later this year on Freeform.

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