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Pretty Little Liars Lingering Questions After the Big A Reveal: What We Still Need to Know

Pretty Little Liars finale
The Pretty Little Liars finale was full of answers, but there are plenty of lingering questions.

The Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale was chock-full of answers, as promised, but did anyone expect what “Game On, Charles” actually had in store?

After six seasons worth of speculation and intrigue, it was revealed that Charles DiLaurentis (formerly known as the infamous A) was actually Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) longtime friend, CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray). And while there was mixed fan reaction regarding the show’s decision to villainize a transgender character, it wasn’t by far the only qualm fans had with the finale that left many still scratching their heads.

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So now that we’ve all had some time to fully process all of the information, here are some of the biggest questions the series still needs to answer. Like, immediately.

PLL finale Lucy
Where did CeCe go after admitting defeat in the PLL finale?

Who The Heck Killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

So many intricate plot details were revealed throughout the night — like the fact that Mona was the one who hit Bethany Young over the head with a shovel — and yet Mrs. D.’s murder still remains a complete and utter mystery. We know that CeCe found and buried the body. But we have no idea who actually did the deed. What gives, PLL?

Where Does Lesli Stone Fit In?

It was discovered earlier this season that Lesli was Bethany’s roommate at Radley. And yet her name never came up once throughout the entire finale episode. What was the point of introducing her if it doesn’t end up adding up to anything substantial? What aren’t you telling us???

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How Did Sara and CeCe Know Each Other?

Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) may be both Red Coat and Black Widow, but that still doesn’t explain how she came to know CeCe in the first place. Was Sara also a patient at Radley at some point? Did they just happen to meet in the woods on that fateful Labor Day evening?

What Happened To the PLL Moms?

Are they still trapped in the DiLaurentis basement? It would be natural to assume they somehow managed to escape, but since they weren’t around to send their daughters off to college, now it’s not so clear. Hopefully wherever they are, there’s plenty of wine. (Also, when is this spinoff happening?)

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Are Jason and Kenneth Back to Normal?

CeCe admitted she had injected both of them with a serum that allows the user to hear and see everything that’s going on while depriving them of all mobility. It’s the same stuff she used on Mona to make her look deader than dead. But given that Mona is now back to normal, is there some sort of cure or do the side effects eventually wear off? It would just be nice to know that they’re both unfrozen.

PLL finale Troian
Are the PLL moms still trapped in the DiLaurentis basement?

Where Is CeCe Now?

She admitted defeat on the Radley rooftop, but it was never confirmed where exactly she ended up going. Jail? Another mental facility? Is that why Alison decided to stay in Rosewood, so that they could easily go visit her sister? We need details!

Is Alison Married?

Last we saw in the five-year time jump, she was now a teacher who goes by the last name of “Rollins.” Does that mean there’s a Mr. Rollins out there somewhere? If so, who? Or is this just the latest alias Ali’s decided to go by? We all know how much she loves a good secret identity (i.e. Holly Golightly). It must run in the family.

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Who Is Freddy?

We can probably assume this was CeCe using another pseudonym, but it’s never really specified. Explain please! At the very least, for some peace of mind.

Who Is After Alison Now?

The episode ended with the Liars (now five years older) busting into Ali’s classroom, warning her that “he” is coming for her. Who is this mysterious new foe? Is it Uber A or someone completely new? How does all this terrible stuff keep happening to these girls? They seriously have the worst luck ever.

Tell Us: Which PLL questions do you think went unresolved?

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