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Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelor’ Blog: Hometowns Finally Revealed What Arie Sees in Lauren

Rachel Lindsay Bachelor Blog
Rachel Lindsay at Sports Illustrated 2017 Fashionable 50 Celebration at Avenue on July 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay will be blogging exclusively with Us Weekly each week about her opinion on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s journey to find love on The Bachelor. Check back every Tuesday for her recap!

As the number of women continues to dwindle down, so do the pages of my blog. We are down to the wire where the emotions run high, the women are low in numbers and so is the drama. That is until hometowns! This week is hometown week and I feel Bachelor Nation gets just as excited for this week as they do for the first night of the show. Just like you never know what will be coming out of that limo, at hometowns, you do not know what is on the other side of that door.

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I once again managed to miss the first five minutes of this week’s episode (this is becoming an embarrassing trend) but I turned it on right on time to hear Arie tell Kendall that he is falling for her. Is it just me or does it seem like there is always that one person that manages to coincidently and conveniently tell you that they are falling for you just before you show them off to your family. We meet Kendall’s family and I am going to point out the obvious: the sisters are named Kendall and Kylie (Watch out Kardashians/Jenners … this duo came first). Kendall’s sister is quite perceptive. I actually really enjoyed her forward questions to Arie. Her questions made Arie deeply analyze Kendall’s serious commitment to their relationship.

The next journey takes Arie to Weiner, Arkansas. Tia takes Arie racing where he almost got off track; hopefully this is not a metaphor of their relationship. Weiner is a town of 716 people, and I have a feeling Tia and Arie just walked straight from the racetrack to her parent’s house. Arie talks to Tia’s brother who questions him about his “Kissing Bandit” title. He further inquires if this is something he has to look forward to in Arie’s relationship with Tia. Odd question to me, but I believe the answer goes a little something like this: Well Tia’s brother, on television yes, but in real life, let’s hope not because three is a crowd. Tia has candid conversations with her parents and updates them on her relationship and love for Arie. She later confesses to Arie that she is in love with him. Arie tells her there are things he just cannot say, probably because he has already said them all to Lauren.

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Arie next travels to Minnesota to meet Becca‘s family. They meet at an apple orchard, play around and make candied apples in this picturesque setting. Becca opens up about some personal struggles from her past and details who Arie may struggle with later on in the evening when meeting her family. Arie has quite a few adults to meet at Becca’s hometown but it is Uncle Gary that is making the lasting impression in this family. The looks he is giving across the dinner table to Arie are equally humorous and terrifying. Becca’s hometown is very heartfelt and personable, especially the scenes with Uncle Gary and her mom. Personally, I feel like I resonated with Becca’s family the most and really could see and feel how much she cares about Arie. For the first time, I really see Arie’s love for her, too.

The last stop is Lauren’s hometown in Virginia Beach. Lauren and Arie go horseback riding on the beach and then view the city from a lighthouse. This was truly the most beautiful setting of the hometown dates. I have never been to Virginia Beach but now I want to go! Lauren expresses that she is quite nervous for Arie to meet her family. We immediately learn why she is so nervous. The family had quite the cold reception to Arie, and it sent him into a hot mess frenzy. Eventually, Arie and Lauren’s dad find a common bond and connect. Lauren’s mom is still doubtful but seeing Lauren’s emotion wins her over. Lauren becomes very emotional when describing her feelings for Arie and it is very genuine. In this episode we see more from her than the past seven weeks and it is refreshing. We are finally starting to see what Arie sees in her.

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After watching all of the hometowns, I noted something. I am able to make a clear distinction between the women who say all of the right things and those that truly feel those things. The remaining four women and Arie return to the Bachelor Mansion for a rose ceremony. Welcome back … do you think the girls stayed in their respective bunk beds that night? You know just for old times sake? Arie is clearly having a difficult time at the rose ceremony and with an unprecedented move, pulls Kendall to talk with her before making a final decision. Kendall really opens up to Arie and struggles to tell him how she feels but pours out emotion in stating she does not want to lose him. The other girls are in limbo as they are trying to determine what Arie is doing with Kendall. Kendall comes back and Arie proceeds with the rose ceremony. It comes down to Tia and Kendall but Arie ultimately gives the rose to Kendall. Tia and Arie have an emotional goodbye … well Tia does. Arie is not giving Tia anything — no words and no emotions.

Well Arie might have been fresh out of words, but I have something say! Tonight, you can catch myself, JoJo Fletcher and Arie on Winter Games and then next week there are two episodes of The Bachelor! I cannot wait to break down the episodes and give you my real and raw rundown.

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