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Rachel Lindsay Blogs ‘The Bachelor’: Arie Should Have Sent Bekah M. Home (Exclusive)

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay will be blogging exclusively with Us Weekly each week about her opinion on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s journey to find love on The Bachelor. Check back every Tuesday for her recap!

Here we go again for another riveting episode of The Bachelor. I like to change up my settings to set the mood each week as I write my recap. This week, I am watching with my West Coast Bachelor Nation crew and one of my Bachelor besties, Whitney Fransway! The episode kicks off with a bitter and slightly bitchy tone as the girls dissect the inconceivable youth of Bekah M. Meanwhile, Bekah M. is floating in the mansion pool without a care in the world and enjoying life just as a young girl should. The only thing missing from this scenario is my girl Alexis Waters emerging from water in all her glory, equipped with her dolphin call and dolphin suit.

Rachel Lindsay Arie Luyendyk, Jr Beka The Bachelor
Rachel Lindsay, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Bekah. Mike Pont/Getty Images; ABC/Craig Sjodin (2)

Chris Harrison walks into the room to inform the girls that there are no more L.A. dates and that they are leaving for South Lake Tahoe. All mornings should start with a cup of coffee and a good message from Chris Harrison.

The girls are super excited to go to Tahoe, and I cannot blame them. Tahoe looks absolutely gorgeous, and the sky and water are as blue as Arie’s eyes. The girls run into their new home and are thrilled to see all the things a typical dwelling has … bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen, oh my!

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The ladies immediately learn there is a date card and Seinne gets the coveted one-on-one date. Arie and Seinne go parasailing; the ladies, while back at the lake house, happen to stumble across the pair with their spare binoculars. The true rare sighting was once again Arie caught eating on camera. The last time we saw Arie eating, it was because he couldn’t get a word in edge-wise with Lauren S. This time, he must just be hungry because it is delightful to see Arie and Seinne have a pleasant conversation without interruption and too much kissing. Seinne is asking all the right questions and I appreciate that … and I think Arie does as well.

During Seinne’s one-on-one date she has a truly vulnerable moment where she confesses that as a “black woman, they don’t tell a lot of stories about girls like me having the fairytale ending.” This is a very real moment that resonated with me because it is true. Pop culture does not frequently depict women of color realizing their happy ending. Seinne, I understand you on another level and I have a message for you. Dear Seinne: I have your love story right here boo! It can happen for you too. Sincerely signed, a girl who looks just like you. Seinne ends her date with a rose and being serenaded and dancing on stage with Arie. That night, she got the romance she deserved.

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Meanwhile, Maquel is back at the lake house and learns that her grandfather passed away. My heart goes out to Maquel and with all due respect, I wish she could have had that moment off camera. Losing a loved one is never easy. I respect the fact that she kept her family first and left the show to be with her grandfather. My deepest prayers go out to Maquel and her loved ones.

As Maquel exits the show, a date card arrives revealing a group date. All of the women are on the date card, except Bekah M. The group date is quite the contrast from Seinne’s date. The date can basically be summed up as a survival date that involves urine, worms and snow. This date brings back horrible memories of the Wisconsin farm date on Nick’s season.

The Bachelor
The Bachelor.

The ladies were on some type of scavenger hunt and most of the group got lost, but found their way to the hot tub at the end of the hunt. There was not a pot of gold at the end of this hunt, but a hot tub is a close second. What I am unsure about is whether the hot tub was heated the traditional way or from the burning hatred the women seem to have over Krystal. I’ll keep my two cents on the matter to myself. I will say, however, there is a way to be aggressive and not put others down in the process. May I introduce you to Corrine Olympios. You can do you without trampling on the other women to build yourself up for a man.

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Tia received the rose on the group date all while speaking her truth to Krystal and basically saying all the things we want to say. Thank you, Tia and a well-deserved rose for you tonight.

Bekah M. gets the last one-on-one this week. The pair goes horseback riding to a hot tub with a scenic view. Bekah M. has a good date with Arie and the chemistry is clearly there. For the first time, we see Arie having an in-depth conversation with Bekah M. and she finally reveals her secret age. The moment she makes this announcement, you would have thought he saw the ghost of Arie’s past … at age 22. I hate to say this but I think this is the beginning of the end for ole Bekah M. Arie said he needs a wife and not a 22-year-old girlfriend. He basically sent her home with his words despite giving her the rose that night on the date. When the writing is on the wall, read it sister. And Arie, spare her tender young heart and let Baby Bekah go now instead of two rose ceremonies later because we know this is how it will end!

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Bekah The Bachelor
Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Bekah on ‘The Bachelor.’

The ladies encounter a twist during the rose ceremony night as they announce there is no cocktail party! I personally feel like Arie was walking into the room for the cocktail party, heard Krystal talking to the other women and was like, “Nah, not tonight Chris.” Just as Arie thought he escaped alone time with Krystal and their redundant conversations, she pulls an Okie Dokie and manages to have her own private cocktail party with him. If you are going to pull a bold move like that Krystal, then say something new or at least say it with a different voice. Not only did she waste the girls’ and the television viewers’ time with this move, she selfishly extended the time the girls had to stand in their stilettos during the rose ceremony. Shame on you … and shout to the girls who took a seat or a shoe off during those 10 minutes they will never get back.

This episode ends with Brittany T. and Caroline going home, Krystal getting another rose, and a little “glam-shaming.” Next week is usually about the time when things start to get real and by the looks of it, the time is now. Tune in again to catch the Rundown with Rach where I will be giving you the real and raw.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8p.m. ET.

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