‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Recap: Brandi Redmond’s Husband Tells Her He’s ‘Done,’ LeeAnne Locken Is ‘Pissed as Hell’

Place your bets, people — the ladies of Dallas are entering the boxing ring! The Real Housewives of Dallas‘ Monday, May 16, episode brought a series of battles: friend vs. friend, husband vs. wife, and curtains vs. blinds. May the best woman and/or window accessory win!

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LeeAnne’s Friend of 20 Years Calls Her “Totally Crazy”

The episode started off with everyone’s favorite former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Brandi Redmond, heading over to Marie Reyes’ house for another booty shaking lesson with her 10-year-old daughter. After Brandi proved that her hips don’t lie, her mouth went for a strong message, too, as she said, “LeeAnne is bats–t crazy.” 

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Marie instantly agreed, saying, “I know — who does that?!” This was, of course, referring to LeeAnne Locken’s glass-throwing tantrum at Marie’s cocktail party. Marie, who has known LeeAnne for 20 years, said, “I know LeeAnne could benefit from therapy … Her behavior was totally crazy.”

Brandi and Bryan’s Lack of Communication = A “Recipe For Disaster”

Next we saw as our cast of characters prepare for battle. First, Brandi sat down with BFF Stephanie Hollman to discuss her marriage woes. After Bryan showed up late and drunk to an important family barbecue, Brandi was hoping to communicate her hurt feelings to him. Stephanie encouraged her ginger bestie to open up, and Brandi agreed. Stephanie then said to the camera, “Brandi and Bryan don’t really talk about things. … It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s going to explode. … ”

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LeeAnne Insists She’s Not Having a Mental Breakdown … While Apparently Having a Mental Breakdown

Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnne sharpened their proverbial knives as they prepared to confront Marie Reyes about some text messages she had sent to Tiffany that slammed LeeAnne. The duo even printed out the texts as evidence for the confrontation — one thing’s for sure, these two love visual aids! 

At Marie’s house, the host defended herself to the duo, saying, “I was seriously concerned about her welfare.” To LeeAnne, she said, “You started throwing things and calling people names.” In a classic mental-breakdown move, LeeAnne started scream-crying and shouted, “I’m not having a mental breakdown! I’m pissed as hell!” 

Nothing really got resolved, and Tiffany and LeeAnne left. LeeAnne then said to the camera, “Marie has forgotten what loyalty is.” LeeAnne “Loyalty” Locken, at it again!

What Can We Say? Cary Is Fabulous in Every Way

While everyone was confronting and crying, Cary Deuber went shopping with her husband, Mark, for an outfit for a photo shoot that turned out really hot! If we were 39 with an ass like that, we’d probably be drama-free as well! Team Cary!

Casey Deuber, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnn Locken, Tiffany Hendra
Casey Deuber, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnn Locken, Tiffany Hendra Michael Larsen/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Brandi Is Bullied by Her Husband When She Opens Up About Her Needs

While Stephanie and her husband, Travis Hollman, were debating between curtains and blinds for their son’s bedroom, Bryan and Brandi had a much more serious conflict on their hands. During a special date night, Brandi finally opened up to her husband about her frustrations.

The usually bubbly former cheerleader stumbled over her words with tears welling up in her eyes, saying, “I feel like I’m not getting that attention that I need … I get very upset sometimes.” Her husband immediately recoiled from this gesture of vulnerability and was visibly annoyed! He responded, saying, “I don’t give you enough attention, seriously?” She then asked him if she had done something wrong, and he replied quickly with a singular, “Yeah.”

It was painful to watch as Brandi started to cry, and Bryan said, “Are you gonna cry? Seriously?” The father of two then got up from the table and walked away, saying, “Dude, I’ve had enough. I’m done.” Whoa.

Tell Us: Does Bryan keep walking away from Brandi because he’s camera-shy, or does he have a much more serious problem on his hands?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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