‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Recap: LeeAnne Locken Opens Up About Childhood Molestation, Then Cary Deuber Slams Her

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including … the ability to grow and change? The Real Housewives of Dallas‘ Sunday, May 30, episode taught Us that even though your worst enemy threw a champagne glass because of you, you can still forgive that person.


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Stephanie Is Worried LeeAnne Will “Ruin” Her Husband’s Birthday

The drama started off with Stephanie Hollman planning a Gatsby-themed birthday bash for her type-A husband, Travis, who sent his personal assistant to spy on the party planning. Stephanie seemed excited about inviting her friends to the event, but had second thoughts about including LeeAnne. The blonde-haired beauty said, “The only person I’m not sure about is LeeAnne … I don’t wanna ruin my husband’s birthday!”

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LeeAnne Speaks Out About Her Childhood Trauma

Next we got to see LeeAnne Locken in her natural habitat: the charity world. Locken was asked to be the keynote speaker at an event supporting the Grace Project, a foundation aiding female victims of HIV. While LeeAnne does not share the same disease, she did feel like she could reach these women with her story: “These women are ashamed that they are HIV positive, and I suffered shame as a child because I was molested.” 

Stephanie attended the event and was touched by LeeAnne’s vulnerability. When LeeAnne opened up about being molested by her best friend’s father, Stephanie noted, “I felt her connection with these women. It was really cool.”

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Brandi Promises to Not Start Any Drama With LeeAnne

Back at home, Stephanie hit the ground running with Travis’ birthday plans, and questioned his request to have her pop out of a cake in a bikini. “Seriously?” she said. “This fantasy just came up this year. I’m getting older and uglier. I don’t know why he’d want me to jump out of a cake with a bikini on.” 

Stephanie then decided to pick up the phone and tell her bestie, Brandi Redmond, about inviting LeeAnne to the party. The calm and collected former cheerleader took the news in stride, saying, “I think it’s great if you want to invite her … I promise I won’t start any drama.”

Stephanie Calls Out Husband for Treating Her Like a Child

After micromanaging details of his own party, Stephanie finally confronted her husband about the way he treats her: “I feel very managed in my life, like a child.” 

The mother of two continued, “I’m a grown woman, and I can make decisions.” Travis then backed off and uttered those six magical words that every woman longs to hear, “I understand your point of view.”

LeeAnne’s Name in Brandi’s Phone Is “Loud Mouth”

Brandi then called up LeeAnne to clear the air before the party. When she picked up the phone to arrange a coffee date, we saw that LeeAnne’s name in Brandi’s phone was “Loud Mouth”! Real Housewives, they’re just like Us!

Brandi Apologizes for Pushing LeeAnne’s Buttons

At Brandi and LeeAnne’s reconciliatory meeting, Brandi copped up to her behavior. The former Cowboys cheerleader said, “I feel like I’ve taken some time to reflect on everything that you had gone through … . You know, my humor is very silly and immature, and I know how to push people’s buttons in a way that is sometimes not OK.” 

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LeeAnne took some responsibility, saying, “I’ll be honest — I didn’t respond in my best manner. You’ve pushed buttons in me that no one’s pressed in a long time … . It’s not a pretty side, but that’s not who I am.”

Cary Deuber Calls B.S. on Reconciliation

At the Gatsby birthday party, Cary Deuber showed up wearing a gorgeous gown that happened to also be her wedding dress. It wasn’t as on-theme as LeeAnne’s outfit, which included a blonde wig, and maybe that sparked some tension? While things may have been smoothed-over between LeeAnne and Brandi, Cary was still uneasy walking into the Dallas bar. Tiffany Hendra dramatically commented, “When Cary came in, I felt the arctic wind.” 

Cary saw that everyone had made up, and she told the camera, “Where are the rainbows and unicorns coming from? I mean, Stephanie’s buying it … Not me.”

Cary Implies LeeAnne Is Her Enemy

It looks like next week we’ll see the whole group head to Stephanie’s lake house in Austin. In an ominous statement, Cary remarked, “I wanna go to Austin with Brandi and Stephanie. I don’t wanna go to Austin with anyone else, but you know: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.” Oh, boy! In the preview clip, we saw a glimpse of LeeAnne threatening Marie Reyes’ life, so it should be a grand ol’ time.

Tell Us: Should Cary join in on the love fest and forgive LeeAnne as well, or should she stick to her guns?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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