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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Porsha Williams Asks Todd Stewart to Sign a ‘Baby-Nup’

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Porsha Williams Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The battle of the sexes is nothing new, but it seems to be taking over Atlanta. On the Sunday, March 26, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, several of the women were struggling with the men in their lives. Porsha Williams was sparring with her boyfriend, Todd Stewart, over her proposed “baby-nup,” while Kenya Moore was somehow still arguing with Matt Jordan. Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss were both focused on their next professional ventures, though tension was brewing between Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, over the looming deadlines.

Porsha Williams Creates a ‘Baby-Nup’

Explaining what a “baby-nup” is to the camera, Porsha said, “It’s an agreement so we don’t have to argue later. We can argue now!” She said she trusted and loved Todd, but she was worried about what he would do if she got pregnant and they weren’t yet married. She was ready to have a baby with him, but tying the knot was a different story. Phaedra Parks advised Porsha to rethink her plan, saying, “I do not want you to have a baby daddy. That is just so yesterday.” Porsha laughed but had already made up her mind. The only problem? Todd didn’t seem to be on board with the plan.

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When he stopped by her house, she handed him the document. He read it over and said, “This is extortion.” The more they talked, the angrier he got. “Tell me one thing that’s even in any way to take you out of your comfort zone and be like, ‘Let me give him this,’ because out of the 39 things on here, all of them are for you!” he shouted. She said she was willing to have him red line it, but he was done. “If you even thought that I was going to say yes to half of that stuff, then I don’t know what kind of person you thought I am or what kind of father you think I want to be,” he said.

“I’m not signing that,” he said as he headed for the door. “And if that means we’re not together, then that’s your loss.” Then he stormed out. Porsha was “baffled” and “disappointed” by his reaction and insisted that he was taking something that could be beautiful and turning it into something negative.

Kenya Is Still Talking About Matt

Kenya, meanwhile, was debriefing with a friend about the disastrous trip to Hawaii. After griping for a bit about “Fake Phae Phae” (her nickname for Phaedra, apparently), she turned her attention to the topic of Matt. Ah, Matt. Yes, he’s still around. “I didn’t slow down enough for him or give him the attention that he really required,” she said to the camera of their relationship. In some way, she was taking at least partial responsibility for their troubles, but it didn’t mean she was actually done with him … more on that later.

Cynthia Puts Phaedra on the Hot Seat

Cynthia was busy planning the fashion show for her new bag line, Cargo. Her daughter, Noelle, and Sheree Whitfield‘s son, Cairo, were both walking in it and she was hoping that it would be a fun, celebratory event to help bring the ladies in the group back together after all of the fighting that happened on their trip.

Phaedra dropped by Cynthia’s house to catch up and the two women spoke a bit about Kenya’s divorce party gone wrong. Cynthia insisted that Kenya had no malicious intent, and while Phaedra said the theme had “offended her,” she seemed less furious than she had been. Cynthia then asked Phaedra flat-out if her divorce from Apollo Nida was final. “Because Porsha mentioned that it was final,” Cynthia added before Phaedra could try to sidestep the answer. Phaedra was not happy that Porsha had let this slip, but admitted that her divorce was, in fact, done. Cynthia reiterated to the camera that she just wanted to help make peace between Phaedra and Kenya.

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She might have made some progress on that front, but Phaedra was gearing up to have a whole new battle — this time with Kandi. Later in the episode, Phaedra introduced a young man who used to work for Kandi, and wanted to sue her for stealing his ideas, to an employment lawyer who had agreed to review his case. Though Phaedra insisted that she was just doing her duty as a lawyer, it was pretty clear that she was taking some joy in knowing this could mean serious trouble for Kandi.

Kenya and Matt Go at It, Again

Because Matt was the puppies’ “daddy,” Kenya invited him to meet her to celebrate their birthdays. Matt showed up at a puppy store to meet Kenya and things started out fine, for about two minutes. “I miss them as much as I miss you,” he said staring wistfully at the pups. He then said he had recently talked to Cynthia but he “wasn’t too pleased with the conversation.” Kenya looked taken aback as he began insisting that every conversation he has about their relationship is always about all of the things that he had done wrong and no one ever mentioned anything that Kenya had done wrong.

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“Here I am being pulled back into the darkness and the negativity!” she said. “Let me point out some of your faults!” Matt blasted back. “I can’t with you!” Kenya screamed as they chased each other into a hallway behind the shop. “I had something good and you ruined it,” he said. “You ruin everything that’s good!” she said.

“We didn’t have sex in my truck the other night because you wanted to?” he asked. Kenya didn’t address that accusation directly, instead telling him not to play that game with her. “Whatever it is that you are holding on to, you are not able to get past it,” she added. Matt then started crying and she said she was sorry she hurt him, but she couldn’t do this any more.

As the episode ended, Cynthia’s fashion show was about to start and Cairo hadn’t arrived yet.

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