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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Kenya Moore Flips Out After Cynthia Bailey Calls Her a ‘Drama Queen’

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Kenya Moore Mark Hill/Bravo

Meow! It was catfight central on the Sunday, January 29, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha Williams was bickering with Kandi Burruss and was none too pleased with Phaedra Parks. Phaedra was annoyed with Kenya Moore. Kenya got into a big argument with Cynthia Bailey. Kandi’s friend Shamea Morton (who frequently pops up on the show) was upset with Phaedra and Porsha. Porsha was irked at Sheree Whitfield. And Kandi was as irritated as could be with Porsha. Couldn’t quite keep that straight? Here’s the play-by-play of what went down.

Phaedra Confronts Kenya

Porsha was not happy that her bestie, Phaedra, was buddying up with Kenya — but that didn’t stop Phaedra from going shopping with Kenya. As they browsed for “glamping” supplies for their upcoming trip, Phaedra confronted Kenya, telling her that she was “offended” by the way Kenya had treated Porsha at dinner.

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Ironically, Porsha was unloading to her anger management coach about how she was hurt that Phaedra hadn’t had her back when Kenya and Kandi had grilled her on her treatment. Phaedra told Kenya she sometimes felt that people were “attacking” Porsha, a word Kenya didn’t like so much. Ultimately Phaedra asked Kenya to be more compassionate and she sort of agreed … maybe.

Meanwhile, Porsha’s anger management coach told her she should go on the glamping trip, but she should bring a friend she could trust as backup.

Kenya Accuses Cynthia of Not Being a Loyal Friend

In an attempt to help Kenya find happiness, Cynthia paid a visit to Matt Jordan to try to get to the bottom of his violent outbursts. He said that their relationship was lacking “respect and communication,” and this led to him “getting upset and breaking things.” While Cynthia acknowledged that Kenya could be a “drama queen,” she insisted that he was not dealing with their issues well. He then added that he still was in love with Kenya.

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Cynthia then recounted her chat with Matt to Kenya — who only seemed to hear that Cynthia called her a drama queen. “I hate that I never know where Cynthia’s loyalty lies,” Kenya said to the camera. To Cynthia, Kenya argued that Matt was a “grown man” and his actions were “straight bulls–t.” Calling their relationship a “cycle of abuse,” she added that she was “sick and tired of people blaming their bad behavior” on her. She screamed at Cynthia that she had “evolved” and then stormed off. Cynthia sighed and commented that all Kenya was doing was confirming that she was, in fact, a drama queen.

Kandi and Shamea Bravo

Shamea’s Engagement Party Drama

Kandi threw an engagement party for her friend Shamea (yes, the Shamea that Phaedra said Kandi was sleeping with). Upon arrival, Sheree got busy telling Shamea that Phaedra had said she slept with every man in Atlanta. Shamea snapped back that if that were true, she would have slept with Apollo Nida because he made “many passes.” Shamea then added that Phaedra had a reputation for her own out-of-wedlock antics, which she communicated with a memorable hand gesture. Shamea was, however, also annoyed with Porsha upon hearing that Porsha didn’t defend her when Phaedra had made the accusation. (Whew — did you get all that?)

Shamea Confronts Porsha, Who Confronts Sheree

The day after her engagement party, Shamea dropped by Porsha’s house where she expressed how disappointed she was that Porsha hadn’t attended the party. (Porsha had skipped it because she was mad at Kandi.) “I don’t know if I’m walking into a situation that’s an ambush,” Porsha said in her own defense. Shamea felt Porsha should have put that aside to support her on her big night — and then brought up how irritated she was that Porsha hadn’t defended her honor to Phaedra.

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Porsha said she couldn’t recall Phaedra saying Shamea slept around, but didn’t put up much of an argument because she seemed eager to get back on track with Shamea. Shamea warned Porsha to be careful of her friendship with Phaedra (kind of how Porsha had warned Phaedra to be careful of her friendship with Kenya).

Cynthia and Sheree Bravo

Porsha Confronts Sheree, All Hell Is (About) to Break Loose

Somehow despite the fact that basically everyone seemed to be bickering, they all decided to stick with the plan and go glamping. The group included Kenya, Cynthia, Phaedra, Sheree, Porsha, Porsha’s sister Lauren, Kandi, Kandi’s friend Hazel, and Marlo Hampton. Before they got on their RV bus, Porsha pulled Sheree aside to ask her why she had reported back to Shamea about Phaedra’s comments at their lunch — and her response. Sheree didn’t really say much beyond mumbling something about how Shamea had a right to know and Porsha (perhaps determined not to let her temper get the best of her) dropped it. Kenya and Cynthia also briefly made up after Cynthia swore that she had Kenya’s back.

They all piled on the bus, where Porsha’s anger management became the topic of conversation. Again. “From the first mention of it, you had an attitude,” Kandi barked at Porsha, who was clearly starting to fume. “That’s some bulls–t, like everything else!” Kenya added. Considering they were only about five minutes into their trip, it’s hard to imagine they’ll get through it without at least a few throw-down fights.

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