‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Kandi Burruss Shoots a Hot Video, the Girls Provide the Shade

Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks
A pregnant Kandi Burruss tries to get back into the music business while Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams have a variety of dates and Phaedra Parks deals with an absent husband and money trouble. Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Home, sweet home! Even though the ladies were on vacation for the last two episodes, the Sunday, December 27, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started out much less dramatic and more relaxing! Kenya Moore looked into online dating as she continued her mission to “date like a man” and Kim Fields Skyped her sister.

Over at Cynthia Bailey’s house, her husband, Peter Thomas, continued his part of their joint efforts to rebuild their damaged relationship by sending her flowers. “All the pretty flowers and sweet little notes don’t make me forget about our problems and everything we need to do to fix them,” she said to the camera.

Music to Kandi’s Ears

Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss and her business partner, DonJuan Clark, headed to a meeting with Demetria McKinney and Roger Bobb about Demetria’s forthcoming album, which Kandi is not only executive producer of, but a featured artist on too! In fact, the studio wanted the duet between the two women, “Unnecessary Trouble,” to be the lead single from the album, so the team was there to discuss the video shoot. (Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks later showed up at the shoot as a sign of support, while Kandi’s team worked overtime to cover her ever-growing baby bump.)

“I promised myself that I definitely wanted to get back into music this year. I let it fall to the wayside on my priorities list,” Kandi said before flashing back to previous failed partnerships with friends. She seemed confident in the current team, though her troubles with past collaborators weren’t over yet …

MIA: Missing Is Apollo

As Phaedra and her sons made pizza, she got a visit from a friend of her incarcerated baby daddy, Apollo Nida. The friend, Bun, came over with gifts. “Knowing he failed at [being there for his family] is hurtful for him,” said Bun. Phaedra didn’t buy it, pointing out that, of course, Apollo would feel regret after having plenty of time in prison to think it all over.

Phaedra’s disappointment in Apollo for missing out on their children’s lives was even more apparent later, when she brought son Ayden to his first day of kindergarten on her own. She was thankful to be there for him, but started to cry when he told her he wished she could go everywhere with him. Apollo, of course, can go nowhere with him, and Ayden is especially attached to his mother as a result.

Cougar on the Move

Kenya, who is perpetually on the prowl for a new man, went to the gym with her friend Marlo, telling the camera, “The gym is kind of like a meat market. You got your filet mignon, you got your kobe steaks. You gotta have your whole range of the cow, you just don’t want the pooper.”

It soon became pretty clear that she wasn’t looking for any old bull, though, because her much younger friend Matt showed up and she admitted that she had met him on a different trip to the gym! He asked Kenya on a date, and she agreed, meeting him later at a basketball complex where they played a game with pretty high stakes. “If I win, I get to be your boyfriend,” said Matt.

Kenya won, of course, because, as she said, she always wins, but she didn’t rule out a second date with him.

Draw Me Like One of Your Georgian Girls

“Peter must have sensed that I wasn’t wooed over by the flowers so my man drove over five hours from Charlotte to take me on a romantic date,” Cynthia told the camera, notably more impressed than she had been over the smaller gestures.

Peter took her to a park where not only was there a dinner waiting on a patio, but there was a local artist too! He drew a portrait of the couple as they dined and reminisced about previous romantic dates from years ago. The picture and the date both turned out fabulously and Cynthia mused, “As long as Peter and I believe in our marriage and continue to do what we need to do to make it work, we are gonna be OK.”

Unnecessary Trouble

Kandi and husband Todd Tucker got ready to attend her music video premiere, and as she listed the names of all of the friends who would be attending the party, she cautioned Todd against confronting Phaedra about the money she owed him from a shoot they did together.

Upon arrival, the cocktails and wine were flowing and the proverbial tea was piping hot. Kenya said Kim —who took extra time to get ready for the event and donned leather hot pants and over-the-knee boots — looked like “a confused prostitute at Disneyland.”

Before introducing the video, Kandi mentioned that she was glad to have been able to work with a friend with no drama, shading Phaedra and prompting her to say, “Well, that’s interesting.” Even though Kandi was worried about Todd approaching Phaedra to get the money she owed, Phaedra decided to go to him, instead, perhaps inspired by Kandi’s shady video introduction!

After setting up a meeting with Todd to figure out what was still outstanding, Phaedra vented about the miscommunication and disappointment of the situation to Porsha, who had spent the past few days Skyping with Oliver, her new long-distance beau from Miami, even though she was still haunted by the betrayal of her previous long-distance flame, Duke.

DonJuan overheard the women talking about the money issues and barged in, accusing them of gossiping. Porsha defended the conversation, saying it was not gossip so much as statements of facts. The argument escalated and Phaedra took the high road, walking away, but DonJuan wasn’t having it. He followed them, trying to continue the fight, yelling after Porsha, “Go get the man that left you!”

Tell Us: Will Kandi think the ladies were gossiping or just having a regular conversation about her husband outside of a party he threw for them?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.

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