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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Reunion Part 3 Recap: Lisa Rinna Calls Kim Richards a ‘Sick Woman,’ Claims to Be Kim’s ‘Meal Ticket’

Who knew a little stuffed animal could cause so much trouble? Kim Richards, that’s who. On April 25, the final installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion opened with Kim chasing Lisa Rinna (who had stormed off set) down the hall. Kim had the now-infamous bunny in hand. “Can I talk to you?” Kim asked. Find out what went down in our video recap above, and detailed below!

Bunny Gate

“No!” Rinna snapped. “That was the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me and I will not accept this. I’m sorry, for you to do that, you are a sick woman.” (ICYMI, Kim had returned a stuffed creature that Rinna had given as a gift to Kim’s new grandchild.) “Do you feel good about getting back at me?” Rinna asked. Kim replied that she was very superstitious and didn’t want the bunny in her house. “You’re a victim! You’ll always be a victim!” Rinna shouted.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 7 cast Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richardson, Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley. Richie Knapp/Bravo

Meanwhile, back on stage, Andy Cohen said he really wanted the bunny for his clubhouse. Both ladies returned to the sofa and Rinna told Kim she thought she was a “really sick woman” and that Kim only went after her because she saw Rinna as her “meal ticket.” Kyle Richards then jumped in to say, “Lisa, that’s a really stupid thing to say and that could not be farther from the truth.” Kyle also got mad at Rinna separately over the fact that Rinna always wanted Kyle to answer for Kim’s actions. “Our mother is not here anymore but that does not make me her mother!” Kyle said.

Dorit Kemsley then told Rinna she had “a very big mouth” and Rinna replied by telling Dorit to “shut up.” In other words, they really weren’t getting anywhere.

Eden Takes on Kyle and Kim — Again

Next on the hot seat was the unofficial cast member Eden Sassoon, who managed to insert herself into the season with full force. Asked if she had gone after Kyle and Kim in order to create a storyline for herself, Eden quipped, “That is such bulls–t.” She did admit, however, that she had “projected” her own past onto Kyle. Andy then asked Kyle if she thought she ever might have been an enabler for Kim, as Eden had suggested. Old footage played showing Kyle telling Kim that Mauricio basically supported her and treated her “like a second wife.”

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Kyle watched it, stone-faced, and then tried to think of something to say. She managed an answer that wasn’t really an answer and Andy let her off the hook.

Eileen Goes After Kim

After replaying footage showing Rinna saying Kim was close to death, as well as footage showing Rinna saying she never remembered saying that, Dorit jumped in to attack. “You crucify anyone for not remembering anything!” she shouted. Rinna shrugged and told Dorit she didn’t need to talk to her anymore. Andy then asked Erika Girardi if she believed Rinna when she claimed to not remember saying Kim was close to death and Erika said she didn’t know and didn’t really care. That’s when Eileen Davidson jumped in to say, “What [Rinna] did was absolutely wrong, messed-up wrong — but the night got weird because of you.” She was talking to Kim.

“It’s the soap twins!” Kim cheered, to which Eileen added: “Just because you’re the loudest and most obnoxious does not mean you’re right.” She then accused Kim of “inserting” herself into a conversation that had been between Rinna, Dorit and herself. Kim disagreed.

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To Xanax or Not to Xanax

That is the question. Dorit reiterated that it was Eden who had brought up Rinna’s erratic behavior and clarified that she had never personally said Rinna had a drug problem. Rinna screamed, “You make me crazy!” and insisted she had never put Xanax in a smoothie. Andy then suggested maybe she should. (Two points for Andy!)

Andy asked Dorit if people had been doing cocaine at her dinner party, as Rinna had asked during their ill-fated dinner in Hong Kong. “Of course not!” Dorit shouted.

Vanderpump’s Son Found His Mother

Turning to a new subject, Andy then asked Lisa Vanderpump about the status of her son Max’s search to find his birth mother. “We found her,” Vanderpump said as tears welled in her eyes. “I’m OK with it. I don’t know why I’m so tearful,” she said. “I think he should, and he said to me the most unbelievable thing. He said, ‘I want to thank her.’ A lot of people would have resentment if they’d been put up for adoption.” She did concede that she was worried that Max would be “disappointed” that the reality of meeting his birth mother wouldn’t live up to the dream, but insisted that Max was old enough now that she didn’t feel threatened.

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They then went around the couches sharing their biggest regrets from the season. Dorit said she regretted giving Erika the underwear. “Knowing now how that affected her and how it embarrassed her,” Dorit insisted she had a new perspective on how she’d handled their tiff. Eileen basically said she regretted assuming that people always wanted to solve their issues with each other and was going to rethink her approach instead of inserting herself into fights in the future. Vanderpump admitted there was “something about” Rinna that she loved, but also said that she “can be a real a–hole.” Hey, it was progress.

The reunion ended with Rinna giving Andy the bunny. “There’s good energy now,” Eileen declared. Indeed.

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