‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Spars With Kim Richards (Again)

If there's one thing previous seasons should have taught us, it's that nothing good happens on game night. Apparently, however, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' ladies haven't learned that lesson just yet. On the Tuesday, January 10, episode, there was plenty of tension brewing from the start. Things kicked off with several of the ladies still at Camille Grammer's luncheon, where Eileen Davidson was arguing with Dorit Kemsley over whether Dorit and her husband, PK, had made inappropriate remarks about how Eileen and Lisa Rinna handled deaths in their families.

"There's no question that I'm in the hot seat," Dorit said, prompting Eileen to tell her that she could take it. "You're the one who brought [Erika Girardi] panties the other day," the soap star snapped. (Yes, they were still talking about Erika's underwear.)

Kim Richards Is Back

Well, sort of. She's not a main cast member, but she's around. Kyle Richards was throwing a baby shower for Kim Richards' daughter Brooke, who was expecting a baby boy in a matter of weeks. "I'm so ready to be a grandma," Kim said. Kyle didn't like hearing that word so much, but Kim repeated it several times.

"I hear from everybody, honestly, that this is the most amazing thing that's ever going to happen to me," Kim said. "They say it's just the most amazing thing. It changes your life." To the camera, Kim added that her sobriety was more important now than ever. "It is mandatory to me that I maintain my recovery. That is the only way that I will be able to be a part of my children's lives and my grandson's life," she said.

Eileen Bravo

It's All Fun and Games — for the First 10 Minutes

For some inexplicable reason, Kyle was set on hosting a game night. "Who wants to go to game night? Not me!" Kim joked to the camera, noting that she'd had some game nights that weren't so good in the past. (This comment was followed by archived footage featuring Kim in various states of impairment while fighting with people.) Kim and Kyle were joined by Erika, Camille, Lisa Vanderpump, Rinna, Eileen, Dorit and Eden Sassoon, who had worked her way in as Rinna's new bestie over the course of the last two episodes. 

"There are so many unresolved issues between Rinna and Kim," Vanderpump said. "But I guess we're at game night, so let the games begin!"

At first, Rinna appeared to put forth an effort to make nice with her former castmate, congratulating her on her impending grandma-hood, but things quickly took a turn when Kim caught Rinna and Eileen rolling their eyes at a joke she made about peeing at the table. "It's the same old Lisa Rinna," Kim sighed to the camera. "One thing to my face, and another behind my back."

Before long, however, at least one woman's attention was diverted. Dorit seemed to be getting a massive girl-crush on Eden. After asking if Eden was a lesbian, Dorit told her that while they had been playing one of the games, she had been turned on. "You sound like the gay one," Vanderpump chimed in. To the camera, Eden revealed that she would take Erika home before Dorit. (Sorry, Dorit!) Around that time, Eileen called Dorit away from Eden to confront her about giving Erika a pair of underwear (as a joke). Again.

Even Kim Can't Believe All the Fuss Over a Pair of Panties

As Kyle, Dorit, Eileen and Erika rehashed the story for the bazillionth time, Kyle speculated to the camera that Dorit was feeling guilty for giving Erika the panties and was now trying to drag her into it. When Eileen caressed Erika's arm to comfort her, Dorit snapped and said there was nothing for Erika to feel bad about. "We're talking about her crotch, Dorit," Eileen explained. Dorit barked, "Well, for f–k's sake, you're the one who brought it up, aren't you?" Dorit then pointed out that Kyle was with her when she bought the underwear.

"Stop talking," Eileen said to Dorit. "You talk too much." Rinna and Eileen jumped to Erika's defense, and the whole argument went around in another circle. "I can't believe somebody not wearing panties is such a big deal," Kim said to the camera. "I'm not wearing panties," she added with a smile. You go, Grandma.

Rinna said Dorit should just take responsibility — and that's when Kim chimed in.

Erika, Camille and Kim have fun during game night Bravo

Kim and Rinna Fight Dirty

Seeing Rinna go after Dorit, Kim took aim at Rinna. "You use excuses all the time!" Kim said. "Look what you did to me. … You came after me all of last year!" Rinna shrugged and said, "The truth is the truth," prompting Kim to say that Rinna had never apologized. Rinna said she went after Kim because Kim had gone after Rinna's husband (Harry Hamlin, as you probably know). Kim denied going after Harry, arguing she "never said a word" about the dirt she knew about the Clash of the Titans star.

"Well, let's talk about your arrest," Rinna snapped. "Why don't we do that?" Everyone at the table thought that was a low blow, but Rinna felt Kim had swung first. "I have nothing that I ever need to say to you," Rinna said. Kim responded by calling her a liar.

Eden spoke up to tell Kim that "as sober women," they needed to "come from a place of love and respect" and set the example for others. Rinna asked what it was that Kim wanted exactly, and when Kim said she wanted a sincere apology, Rinna obliged. "I am sincerely sorry if I hurt your feelings, Kim. I really am. That wasn't right of me. Some of the things I said were really mean because I was really angry with you, and I really wanted to hurt you," the Melrose Place alum admitted. To the camera, she said that Kim receiving her apology was "a moment of hope," but was unclear whether anyone else felt that way.

Tell Us: Do you think Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards can patch things up?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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