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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Jacqueline Laurita Calls Teresa Giudice a ‘Twisted Bitch’

Teresa Giudice
Teresa GiudiceTommy Garcia/Bravo

Sometimes, when things get tense, someone goes completely off the rails — just ask Jacqueline Laurita. The Sunday, October 2, episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey opened in the aftermath of Jacqueline's fight with Robyn (a rather random addition to the group for the trip to Stowe, Vermont). Concerned that Teresa Giudice — who was still on parole — might get herself into serious trouble with women like Robyn around, Dolores Catania told Melissa Gorga to ask Robyn to leave.

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Melissa thought Jacqueline's "obsession" with Teresa was "getting weird" and seemed lukewarm on the idea of requesting that Robyn go home. As Jacqueline broke down in tears to Siggy Flicker, Melissa and Teresa discussed what Dolores had suggested. Robyn overheard them talking and volunteered to just go. Teresa thought the situation was "not cool" but Melissa called a car to get Robyn and her friend out of there. But even after Robyn left, tensions were still high between Teresa and Jacqueline.

The Last Supper

Within about two minutes of sitting down to eat, Teresa and Jacqueline started going at it. Teresa argued that Jacqueline knew Robyn wasn't a real threat and then called Jacqueline "manipulative" and "calculated." That's when Jacqueline's husband, Chris, jumped in to tell Teresa she should "learn to trust" Jacqueline — and Jacqueline called Teresa the "f–king crazy table-flipping bitch!"

Jacqueline then turned her tirade toward Melissa, demanding that Melissa admit that Jacqueline had warned her when some guy in the hair salon had suggested that she was a stripper. Melissa claimed she couldn't remember. "You are so full of f–king s–t right now," Jacqueline snapped. "You are a fake, phony bitch!" She pointed in Melissa's face and added, "Everyone knows it!" Then she threw in a reference to Melissa having four nose jobs, which she saw as further evidence of Melissa's phoniness.

Teresa jumped in and said she hadn't warned Melissa because she didn't know what was going to go down, but Jacqueline did (somehow implying Jacqueline had something to do with it). "You are such a twisted bitch!" Jacqueline screamed. "You did it. You did everything because you hated her!" Jacqueline paused to catch her breath and added, "You're a f–king criminal!" (Side note: "Criminal" is the one thing you do not call Teresa.)

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Jacqueline then stormed out and everyone remaining at the table wondered what had just happened. Chris, however, was pretty sure he knew exactly what happened. "I don't think Melissa or Teresa give a shit about Jacqueline," Chris said to the camera. "Her response was not hate. It was hurt."

Siggy Gives Up

On the drive to where they were staying, Siggy tried explaining why Jacqueline had gone off the deep end, explaining that she had expected Teresa to take her side over Robyn's, since Jacqueline and Teresa had known each other much longer. Teresa commented that she should have seen Jacqueline's behavior coming and threw shade at Jacqueline for the amount of plastic surgery she'd had. (For the record, none of these women should be pointing fingers at any of the others about getting plastic surgery.)

The next morning, Jacqueline, Dolores, and Siggy regrouped, and Jacqueline insisted that she felt relieved that her friendship with Teresa was officially over. With a sigh, the usually hopefully Siggy admitted their relationship was "toxic." Jacqueline announced, "They are pretty disgusting people and they don’t deserve me in their life." Siggy seemed to take this state of affairs pretty hard and decided she was just going to leave the trip early, noting that these women just didn't belong together.

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At that point, Melissa and Teresa sashayed in, glammed up and ready to go for the day. Dolores wasn't impressed with Melissa and Teresa's apparent lack of empathy for Siggy, who was clearly taking the fight very hard. Dolores decided to skip the day's outing, and Teresa and Melissa headed off happy as two peas in a pod.

Teresa and Melissa Are BFFs

After laughing about how their girls' weekend had dwindled down to just the two of them, Teresa and Melissa had a heart-to-heart while riding a gondola over a snow-covered mountain. Teresa admitted that knowing her husband, Joe, would be heading to prison in only two weeks was starting to get to her. "You can see he's a bit fragile," Melissa said, though she assured Teresa she would get through it.

"You guys have been through a lot together," Melissa added, which almost brought Teresa to tears (almost!). Teresa said how much she appreciated Melissa's support, and Melissa declared that their relationship was better because they had decided not to let anyone come between them anymore.

Jacqueline Finds Some Soldiers of Her Own

Back at home, Chris and Jacqueline paid a visit to Kathy Wakile (who has been having her own battles with Teresa as of late). Jacqueline recounted what happened and explained that she'd basically had a realization in Vermont that neither Teresa nor Melissa ever "gave a f–k" about her. "I would never trust that girl again!" Jacqueline insisted to Kathy, who warned her to never say never when it came to Teresa. Still, it was pretty clear that Kathy was on Jacqueline's side in this matter, should another battle ensue.

"I called her a criminal," Jacqueline said with a slight smile. "I meant to say con artist." Sure she did.

Tell Us: Do you think Jacqueline and Teresa will ever make up?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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