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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Siggy Calls Danielle ‘Delusional,’ Teresa and Melissa Continue to Spar

It’s complicated. Just ask Dolores Catania and her ex-husband, Frank. Frank had moved back in with Dolores, but they weren’t alone. In addition to their kids, their new love interests were hanging around as well. With the question of nuptials on the horizon, Dolores reasoned to the camera, “Either one of us getting married would mean Frank and Dolores’ marriage was really over.” To be clear, that meant that the fact that the two of them were no longer technically married did not mean their marriage was really over. Interesting.

Dolores downloaded to Frank the fight she’d gotten into with Danielle Staub over her claims that she had said Teresa Giudice only cared about money. “Danielle Staub has a history of being a pathological liar,” Dolores told him before getting even more upset that Teresa didn’t take her side right off the bat.

Sister-in-Law Drama Continues

In another part of town, Joe Gorga was trying to navigate the road between his wife and his sister as they prepared to open their family restaurant. To say tensions were running high between the two ladies would have been quite the understatement. In fact, it seemed that everything Melissa Gorga did annoyed Teresa, from selecting a photo of herself and Joe that didn’t have Joe’s face visible to saying that she was one of the Gorgas.

“If my brother divorces you, you won’t be a Gorga anymore,” Teresa quipped with a smile, quite pleased with herself. “That’s my wife,” Joe said. That’s when Melissa stormed out.

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The next day Teresa admitted she “overreacted” and said sorry. She then admitted that she had been feeling defensive because Melissa had critiqued her parenting style. “I kind of feel like Teresa’s giving me a half-assed apology,” Melissa said to the camera. “But over the years, I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff.”

Dolores Catania
Dolores Catania Dolores Catania

Gia Puts Teresa in Her Place

While shopping for clothes for their upcoming family vacation, Teresa and Gia enjoyed some girl talk – well, maybe “enjoyed” isn’t the right word. They talked. Specifically, they talked about Teresa’s struggle to discipline her daughters. Even Gia thought their mom was too loose when it came to the rules and informed Teresa that when she had been away (away = in jail), Joe had been extremely “strict.” Teresa didn’t have much to say to that.

Siggy Celebrates her Anniversary

On a more positive note, Siggy Flicker and her husband celebrated 11 years of marriage over a romantic dinner—though it took an unromantic turn when she revealed her plans to lead overnight retreats. Siggy’s husband thought she was already working too hard. Siggy wanted to work even harder.

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“It’s going to be very difficult to balance my professional dreams with the love and attention that I want to give Michael,” she said to the camera. To Michael, she emphasized how much she wanted to pursue this mission – but Michael was struggling to accept it. “It’s obviously going to be an interesting year,” he said. Cheers to that.

Just a Little Taste

The night finally arrived for an unofficial tasting party at the Gorga’s restaurant. Margaret Josephs and her husband Joe (basically every husband is named Joe) were among the first to arrive after Teresa, Melissa, and Joe Gorga. Then came Danielle and her boyfriend, as well as Siggy and her husband. Conversation quickly turned to Dolores (who wasn’t there yet) and her ex-husband – and why they are living together. “I don’t understand why people really care why he lives with her,” Margaret shrugged to the camera.

The peace ended there. Danielle decided to kick things off by asking Teresa point-blank if she believed her claim that Dolores had been talking badly about her. Teresa didn’t have a direct answer to that, but across the room, Siggy told Melissa, “I want to give a really sharp knife to Margaret so that when I leave tonight, she can continue to stab me in the back.” It only went downhill from there as Siggy claimed Danielle was “delusional” and had been “making s–t up.”

Margaret and Danielle could hear everything that was being said and finally decided to confront their frenemies head-on. “Oh my God,” Teresa said with an eye roll to the camera. (We hear you, girl.) Siggy got more and more upset… but she didn’t cry! Instead she screamed, “Guess what, I’m not over it!” and stuck her tongue out at Margaret.

Then Siggy and Dolores decided to announce that they didn’t like any of Margaret’s fashion line, which Margaret didn’t seem to take too seriously. “You’re one of the ugliest human beings in the world for making fun of me!” Siggy shouted as she ran out. “This is boring! It’s boring!” Siggy then ran back toward Margaret, taunting her. Margaret just ignored her.

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Before the event came to a close, Danielle confronted Dolores about the fact that she’d brought Frank as her date, asking if her boyfriend was even real and demanding an explanation of their living arrangements. Dolores told her that was none of her business and Teresa ushered Dolores out of the restaurant before any punches were thrown.

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