‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Teresa Giudice Tells Kim DePaolo She’s ‘F—ked Up’

Teresa Giudice Kim DePaola fight
Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola.

With friends like these … you must be in Jersey. On the December 6 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice was fired up to confront hanger-on Kim DePaolo about accusations she had made about Teresa cheating.

Meanwhile, Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, was struggling with how much he missed his late mother. He told Melissa Gorga that he was hiring a medium to help him talk to her. “I’m hoping that the medium can connect me to my mother and tell me that there’s another life. If there’s another life, I’ll feel better,” he said to the camera. (The medium did come later and did seem to offer a lot of comfort not only to Joe, but to Melissa and Teresa as well.)

Joe Gorga Teresa Giudice visit medium
Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice.


The Calm Before the Storm

Teresa gathered Danielle Staub, Melissa, and Margaret Josephs for Kim’s fashion show. Meanwhile, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker arrived to prepare to walk in the show. In other words, lines had been drawn.

Conveniently, a hairdresser who was there to prep the women for the show happened to be the alleged witness who saw Teresa canoodling with the mystery man the week before. “I heard that Teresa’s done with Joe anyway, so what’s the big deal?” Kim asked. Dolores said she didn’t think Teresa was cheating and Siggy said she didn’t think it was right to mess with someone’s marriage.

In the car ride over, Teresa promised to avoid getting physical with Kim. “If she puts her hand on me, I’ll just walk away,” Teresa said. However, as they pulled up to the show, Teresa declared it was “time to call that bitch out.”

It Goes Down

Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, and Margaret all arrived a bit before the show started. “Nobody’s going to talk about my husband or me,” Teresa told Kim as soon as they walked in the door. “Too bad,” Kim shrugged. “Kim, you are so f—ked up!” Kim responded by calling them all “dirty bitches.” Kim D. then shamed Teresa for going clubbing.

Kim then called Teresa trash and said, “You’re the one who was in jail, bitch!” Margaret stepped in to defend Teresa and Kim turned her anger in that direction for a moment. Teresa then called Kim a home wrecker and Kim noted that if Teresa touched her, she would go back to jail. Teresa didn’t touch her, but she did (kind of) chuck a chair in her direction.

It All Goes Down Again

Kim then kicked the girls out of the show and on their way out, Melissa asked Dolores and Siggy if they were still walking. “Yes, I am. Don’t tell me what to do,” Dolores answered, which upset Teresa. “That’s what you guys want to hang out with? F—k you,” Teresa said.

Dolores admitted to the camera that Kim went too far, but she thought there was a time and place for everything and this was no way to behave. Siggy argued to the camera that no amount of drama was going to get in the way of her raising money for charity. Back home, Teresa and co. cracked open a bottle of wine and commiserated about how lame it was that Siggy and Dolores stayed at the event.

Frank Runs Interference on Dolores

Frank Catania and Dolores went to lunch to discuss their concerns about their son’s relationship with his girlfriend. Soon after sitting down, Siggy arrived and promptly filled in Frank on what happened at the fashion show. Siggy and Dolores both admitted to Frank that they hadn’t exactly stepped in on Teresa’s behalf — he thought they should have. Siggy then argued that they couldn’t talk to Teresa and Melissa one-on-one because Margaret and Danielle were in the way. “Our friends have been kidnapped,” Siggy sighed. Frank said that he didn’t think they shouldn’t have walked in the show and asked if they could appreciate the message that would have sent to Teresa. Dolores and Siggy then admitted that Frank was right. Hindsight really is 20/20.

Siggy and Teresa Make Peace

Siggy took Frank’s cue and went to make things right with Teresa. “In Kim D.’s store, I defended you and I defended your family,” Siggy said. Teresa asked why Siggy still walked in the show and Siggy said she didn’t want to disappoint the victims’ families who were at the event. Teresa actually said she understood that and it seemed like they were moving forward.

That’s when Siggy told Teresa that she felt Margaret and Danielle were not great friends to Teresa and that she and Dolores were the ones who truly had Teresa’s back. Siggy said she wouldn’t go without Dolores. Teresa said she was going to try to talk to the rest of the group and try to get everyone to go. Teresa called Melissa to explain that she and Siggy had made up and ask if it was okay for Siggy and Dolores to join them in Milan. Melissa (semi-begrudingly) said yes.

Tell Us: Do you think there will be drama in Milan?

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