RHONY Recap: Bethenny (Sorta) Makes Up With Kristen, Really Likes Screaming at Sonja

Sonja Morgan, Luann De Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill
Their trip to Turks and Caicos got off to a rocky start. Mathieu Young/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Most people would avoid going on a group vacation when members of the group were at each other's throats on the regular—but then again, most of us aren't The Real Housewives of New York City. This week started off smoothly enough (relatively speaking) with Ramona Singer appearing much calmer after telling Kristen Taekman exactly what she thought of the way Kristen had approached Bethenny Frankel during the party at AOA. "Her intentions are amazing," Dorinda Medley explained of Ramona before adding, "Her application is sometimes s—."

This issue put to bed (for about five minutes), the ladies headed down from their suite to LuAnn de Lesseps's launch party—where they discovered Sonja Morgan mugging for photographers. "Gotta hand it to Sonja," LuAnn opined to the camera. "She misses my pre-party in the suite, which she would have loved, and I come down here and she's hogging the red carpet."

After a touch of side commentary about Sonja's recent weight gain (which was credited to her "drinking like a fish"), Bethenny and Kristen came full circle by getting right back into it.

Pop of Drama

"I am walking into a preexisting s— storm," Bethenny noted as she and the nail polish purveyor resumed their discussion. Bethenny asked, "What is the problem?" prompting Kristen to explain that she'd heard that Bethenny had said she was dumb.

"I don't remember saying you're dumb," Bethenny replied. "I probably said something—and I'm paraphrasing—like, 'Wow there's a company called Pop Beauty.' So you're saying you wanted to do Pop of Color. I don't think that's a smart name." Later, she explained to the camera, "I'm not going to call up every single person and tell them what I think of what they're doing. That would be like Tourettes." (Bethenny sort of had a point—but then again, if she didn't want to tell Kristen what she thought of her company, maybe she shouldn't have told anyone at all.)

"Yes, I wanted to have this conversation with Bethenny, but after having it, it kind of feels like I've been mugged," Kristen lamented while waving her bright lavender nails at the camera. To her credit, Kristen did mention that it might not be the best idea for them to all go away together since they keep screaming at each other, but by the next scene they were on their way to Turks and Caicos.

The Apologizer

For some inexplicable reason, Carole Radziwill decided to document the vacation with a video-camera (because, umm, there weren't already enough cameras following them around?). "I've heard of people taking lots of photos, but why is she video-ing?" Ramona asked the camera. "Put that camera away!"

Ramona soon forgot about Carole's camcorder, however, because she had to focus to make sure she and Sonja got the best room. Ramona ran through the house, claiming the best room—or the room she thought was the best, anyway—for herself and her roomie, while the rest of the ladies looked on in mild horror. Bethenny compared Ramona's approach to Supermarket Sweep and said, "It was a bad, greedy, grabby way to start the trip." Ramona tried to defend her actions, arguing that everyone always knows—well, it was unclear what Ramona thought everyone always knows, which is when Bethenny jumped in.

"Everyone knows what? That you are the lord of the manor?" she snapped before comparing Ramona to Benjamin Button. "You are going the wrong way. You're acting like you're 7 years old"

Carole, however, had a different take. "News flash: All of the rooms are exactly the same!" she laughed.

Later that night, Bethenny and LuAnn let off some steam by mocking Ramona's "Hawaiian-Tropic" bikini and "hooker" heels, which it turned out, belonged to Carole. (You go girl!)

Predicting that Ramona would soon come over and make amends for her earlier actions, Bethenny noted, "If Ramona were a superhero she would be The Apologizer." For the record, Ramona did apologize, but ignored Bethenny's request to swap rooms.

Ramona Has a Breakthrough About Her Heartbreak

During a quiet moment with Sonja, Ramona reflected, "You know why I was bitchy before? Because the last time I came to the Caribbean with Bethenny was when we came and went back to celebrate my vow renewal. That was four years ago. Four years ago Mario was in front of me and made everyone cry."

 "That was the most magical night," Sonja echoed.

"So what the ef happened?" Ramona asked her friend and bunkmate. Sonja didn't seem to have an answer for that. Later, however, she told the camera what she thought. "On these vacations you're supposed to be having fun, but sometimes those old memories flood back and it actually makes you sad and I think that's what happening with Ramona." To be fair, Ramona basically told her that verbatim, but at least Sonja was listening!

Bethenny Tells Sonja to "Shut the F— Up"

When the conversation turned toward whether Sonja did or didn't flirt with or sleep with some other woman's boyfriend, the aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur became very defensive. "I flirt with every guy, but I don't drop in bed with everyone!" she argued. "I haven't cheated on Dominick since I met him." (To refresh, Dominick is her much younger… umm… "boyfriend.") Still, the group didn't seem to be too convinced and the chatter about Sonja's bedroom antics continued on, prompting her to seek comfort in Bethenny's arms—which may not have been the best choice.

"I don't expect my friends to bring up stuff that they knew was complete crap," Sonja told the Skinnygirl mogul, who took a deep breath, braced herself, and told Sonja what she thought of what was going on.

"You have been going through a very stressful time in your life—beyond—and you have a right to lay on the floor and start crying. So you have been drinking, a lot, and so have I," Bethenny began. "I'm not judging you. I'm talking real with you."

Sonja, however, didn't seem to be taking it in. "I'm gonna tell you something: What I'm going through right now, I have to go out sometimes and party and that's what I do. It's not every night," she argued. "And I need my friends to understand that. I do not drink with my daughter at dinner. I do not drink in the street."

Bethenny was getting increasingly annoyed that Sonja wasn't hearing her. "Just f—ing stop talking," she begged. "You're acting stupid." Despite Bethenny's pleading, though, Sonja continued to protest. "In business, in personal, in friendship, in family, in religion, in life, in the universe, you have to listen to other people," Bethenny tried to explain.

"You're giving what they say credibility," Sonja snapped. And that's when Bethenny lost it. "Shut the f— up! Shut the f— up!" she screamed loud enough for the rest of the women—who were making a half-hearted attempt at enjoying their dinner on the back patio—to hear.

"Do you think that Bethenny is getting through to her?" LuAnn asked.

"Absolutely not," Ramona quipped.

LuAnn tried to corral Bethenny and Sonja out to the dining table, but Bethenny made it clear they were going to finish their conversation first. Ultimately the two made up and Sonja wrote off all of the girls as being "judgmental."

The episode ended as they all dined under the stars, LuAnn confessed that she had the "best sex" of her life two days ago, and Bethenny ordered Heather Thomson to "ferme la bouche," which, in case your French is rusty, means "shut your mouth." Ahh, paradise.

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