Real Housewives of New York Reunion Recap: Bethenny Frankel Blasts “Bottom-Feeder” Ramona Singer in Explosive Fight

Real Housewives of New York
Bethenny lays into Ramona for spreading cheating rumors.  Mathieu Young/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fighting words! As the Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 reunion continued with its second installment, it seemed that the ladies were on edge before much of the talking (or should we say brawling) even began. And while the conversation was peppered with plenty of expletives and covered a range of topics, they were — with a few exceptions — the same topics that keep popping up over and over. And over.

Though Andy Cohen playfully congratulated the women on how sexually "free" they all were this season, some of them were clearly still not over the sexual liberties others had taken. (Looking at you, LuAnn de Lesseps.)

LuAnn Can't Get Over Carole and Adam

Carole Radziwill took LuAnn to task for not speaking up about how bothered she really was by Carole dating Adam (whom LuAnn took every opportunity to reiterate was her niece's ex-boyfriend).

"Never did you say that this was such a huge problem," Radzi argued before insisting that if Lu had made her feelings known, she never would have pursued the much younger chef. That might sound a little suspect, but it's impossible to know the truth.

"It became huge. It escalated," LuAnn blasted back before adding that she "didn't want to bring it more up on the show." That also sounds a little suspect, considering LuAnn has brought it up at every possible opportunity during the reunion.

Everyone Still Hates Dorinda's Boyfriend (Even Though Ramona Says Otherwise)

Andy then turned the focus to newbie Dorinda Medley, her boyfriend, and her daughter. Though last week the newbie claimed she received word that Hillary Clinton watches her on the show, this week she claimed her own daughter didn't. That said, she admitted her daughter didn't appreciate her strained relationship with her mother's boyfriend being discussed on national TV (shocker!).

Asked if her daughter and boyfriend had gotten any closer, Dorinda kept it vague. "Little by little — there's been a couple dinners. I just don't push it anymore," she explained.

Bethenny Frankel said that though she was "a little gun shy" about Dorinda's man, she still claimed she liked him. Ramona jumped in to offer her two cents, adding, "He's the antithesis of her deceased husband." She went on to insist that she also liked him now, but noted he sometimes got a too "handsy."

That was Kristen Taekman's cue. The Pop of Color purveyor (whose own husband was just caught with an Ashley Madison account) recounted a night when Dorinda's boyfriend got too close for comfort, saying she thought "it was going too far."

Dorinda responded by referencing some topless photo shoot Kristen did and that was that.

In other Dorinda updates, she still really doesn't care for Heather Thomson and specifically seems to be holding a grudge about Heather's #yourmotherwouldbeproud comment during their dinner in Turks and Caicos.

Bethenny Is Dating

Then it was onto Bethenny's love life. "Things are coming to me. I'm dating. I'm psyched about it," she told Andy before explaining that the reason no one saw any of her suitors on the show this season is because she "would not be attracted to someone who wanted to be on camera." She even went so far as to insist that everyone she meets and likes can't even be found on Google. Say it isn't so!

Because Bethenny is Bethenny, she also used this moment to offer her opinion on Ramona Singer's dating strategy, saying she thinks Ramona is "a volume player." Ramona didn't seem to like that too much, but didn’t exactly find a way to deny it either.

"Ramona acts like she's this Catholic schoolgirl who doesn't do anything, but that is not true," Bethenny said. Okay then.

Ramona Admits She Got New Boobs

Ramona set about making things right with Andy, apologizing for her behavior during the reunion last year when she flatly refused to answer any questions about her husband's infidelity. "I want to apologize," she said. "My ex-husband did not want me talk about it because he's ashamed."

Andy chimed in, saying, "He blames the show for breaking up your marriage." Ramona quickly confirmed that was correct and then went on to explain Mario's mental state.

"He doesn't feel good about himself, so how can he feel good about me?" she asked before describing what it was like to find him in their Hamptons home with another woman.

"I went to our home in South Hampton," she recalled. "I was traumatized and on a lot of medication to deal with his infidelity. I had a in the back of my mind a feeling that maybe that girl would be there." For the record, she was in the kitchen. "He was so shocked to see me." She said it was a "horrible, awkward moment" straight out of a "horror movie."

And how did she help herself recover from that blow? By getting a boob job, which she finally admitted.

"I did it for me," she said before explaining she was motivated by not wanting to wear a "brassiere." Everyone cheered her on and LuAnn admitted she "never liked Mario" anyway.

Bethenny Is Out for (Ramona's) Blood

Though both women initially kept their cool, it became obvious just how angry Bethenny was at her longtime co-star.

"You have a cunning side to you," she said as she pointed her finger at Ramona's face. "You have said nasty things to a lot of people in this group about me that's not even true. It's unbelievable." Prompted by Andy to reveal what Ramona had said that was so bad, Bethenny didn't miss a beat.

"She said that I was a cheater," Bethenny said before redirecting to Ramona, "You have a nasty side."

True to form, the True Faith Jewelry creator didn't back down. "It was a conversation I had with someone. We were talking about relationships and marriages and I brought up a fact," she said.

"You did not bring up a fact!" Bethenny cut in.

"Well, I brought up something," Ramona replied. (Guess you can't argue with that.)

"You know what? There are a lot of things that I know," Bethenny said. (Wait; was that a threat?) "Do you want me to talk about any of the stuff going on in your life that I really know? I know where all the bodies are buried. It's nasty and it's a terrible, terrible quality. Terrible."

At that point, the host asked Ramona, point-blank, if she made it all up. And she, point-blank, didn't answer the question. "You know what? "I'm not going to go there because it's clearly making her upset, whether it's true or not," Singer snapped.

That's when Kristen jumped in for never "owning" anything.

"As God as my witness, I did not cheat on my first husband or my second husband," Bethenny declared to Ramona, who continued to shrug her shoulders and mumble about people telling her that wasn't the case.

"Shut your f—ing mouth if you don't know what you're talking about!" Bethenny shouted.

"That's why repeating rumors is not a friendly thing to do," LuAnn helpfully chimed, while Sonja Morgan took the opportunity to point at Ramona and say, "She's the repeater! Not me!" (Way to have your bestie's back… not.)

Ramona tried again, asking why did people say this if it wasn't true, to which Bethenny blasted back, "Why? Because they're a–holes and they're bottom-feeders and you are one of them." That shut Ramona up. (Oh, also she finally admitted she has those two dresses.)

Tell Us: Do you think Ramona should have owned what she said?

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