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Robyn Lively Remembers 1989 Classic Teen Witch With 10 Amazing Facts

Robyn Lively attends an event on December 12, 2013
Robyn Lively, who starred in the 1989 flick Teen Witch, relives 10 amazing facts about the classic for its 25th anniversary  

Robin Lively has answered our nostalgia prayers! The actress, who is the older half-sister of Blake Lively, relived her glory days as Louise Miller with an in-depth Buzzfeed interview about her starring role in Teen Witch 25 years after its debut. The now 42-year-old opened up about her costar crush, who inspired her supernatural character’s style, and much more. In the words of Louise’s sidekick Pollytop that! 

1. Mom Knows Best!
Lively admits that her mother, talent manager Elaine Lively, had a lot to do with Louise’s wardrobe. “This is actually something no one knows, but my mom was really the one who created the entire style for Teen Witch. I’m dead serious,” the former child star (whose other credits included Twin Peaks, Chicago Hope and Saving Grace) said. “She was super involved, and is super creative, so I wore a lot of my actual clothes in the movie. Truly, Louise was my mom’s vision. She really created an iconic character.”

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2. Costar Crush
Lively was crushing on her costar Dan Gauthier (Brad Powell) just as much as Louise was! “I had such a crush on him, but he was the ladies’ man on set. He was super-flirty and so cute, but I played him so well. I had game at that age, I don’t even know how.”

3. Love On Set
Unfortunately for Lively, Gauthier went on to marry Lisa Fuller, who played his onscreen girlfriend Randa in the film. “They dated while making the movie and got married shortly after the movie wrapped. I was heartbroken, but I still went to their wedding. Brad and Randa really lived happily ever after.” 

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4. Sex Scene Blues
Louise and Brad’s PG-rated (but still steamy) sex scene wasn’t part of the original script. “That was an added scene because they wanted to make it a bit sexier. If I had the chance to do one thing over, I would take that [scene] out. I really would. It’s awful. Also, it implies that something happened with Brad and Louise that I wasn’t aware of at the time,” she explained. “What’s funny is my mom was super upset because she wasn’t invited on set that day. She would have thrown a fit.”

5. Don’t Top That!
Mandy Ingber and Noah Blake, who played Polly and Rhet, hated the infamous “Top That” rap number! “They thought it was the stupidest thing ever. They hated it,” Lively revealed. “In the end, they just decided to have fun with it, and, in retrospect, it’s awesome. But they were not into it, which is so funny because it turned out to be one of the most amazing and popular scenes in the whole movie.”

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6. All Serious Business
Lively got hurt while on the job. “I took all the dancing too seriously at the time. I was a little more self-conscious back then. And when I had to do the ‘most popular girl’ spin inside the bedroom, I had twisted my ankle. I’m going to blame most of my bad dancing on the ankle.” 

7. Favorite Scene?
“I remember having so much fun filming that dog scene with [Josh Miller] in the bathtub because we couldn’t stop laughing.” (Miller played her chubby, mischievous brother Richie.) “In fact, you can see that I’m trying not to laugh while he’s panting like a dog. I also love the scene where everyone keeps interrupting her ‘date’ with Brad.”

robyn lively teen witch
Robyn Lively in Teen Witch

8. Wedding Crasher!
Lively called up Gauthier to re-create their studying session scenefor her brother Eric’s birthday! “I dressed up in a turtleneck, with the long skirt, the long necklace, and put red scarves over the lamps. I wrote down all the lines on cue cards,” she said. “So, he walks in, sees me with Dan, loses his mind, and then we act out the whole scene. It was so much fun.” (As previously reported, Lively also did the finale dance sequence with Eric for sister Blake’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds in 2012.)

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9. Cult Classic
Lively first realized how successful the comedy-fantasy had become while out on a date with a Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob. “I’ll tell you when it really hit me: In the early ’90s, I went to a party with Jason Priestley, who I was dating at the time,” she said. “We went to a party at Ricki Lake’s house, and she freaked out when she saw me. She’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re Teen Witch! My gay best friend and I love your movie. We know every line, all the dance moves, all the songs.”

10. She Now Gets the Hype
“When we filmed it, none of us had any idea what we were doing was special. We had no idea. It was just a great movie that we all enjoyed. And then, it just sort of took on a life of its own,” she said. “The great thing is that no one realized it was going to become all these things when we were making it. We thought we were making a very serious movie. We didn’t know we were making a cult classic.”

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