Scandal Season 5 Premiere Recap: A Princess Is Murdered, Plus Who Files for Divorce?

Kerry Washington and Darby Stanchfield on ABC's Scandal
Kerry Washington and Darby Stanchfield on ABC's Scandal ABC/Eric McCandless

Scandal is back on ABC, which means Thursday nights finally have meaning. Last time we checked on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her band of gladiators, they were busily murdering randoms in order to take down Papa Pope (Joe Morton), aka Olivia’s deranged father. Meanwhile, President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) was making out with Olivia, which is either disgusting or amazing depending on where you fall on Team Olitz.

So, what happened this week in ShondaLand? Check out the five biggest moments from the episode.

1. Olivia and Fitz are Standing in the Sun (Read: Having Sex)

So many O-faces, so little time! Fitz and Olivia kicked off the episode with an extended (and ultra steamy) sex montage complete with thrusting, heaving, and shirtless-ness. Meanwhile, we were over here like, ‘But what about Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)? For the love of ShondaLand, what about Jake Ballard?!’

Dearbhla Molloy and Tony Goldwyn on ABC's Scandal
Dearbhla Molloy and Tony Goldwyn on ABC’s Scandal ABC/Eric McCandless

2. Olivia’s Working for The Royals (Not to be Confused with The Kardashians)

Give a warm welcome to Princess Emily of Caledonia (hi, made-up country!), who almost immediately died in a car accident while visiting D.C. with her royal family. Olivia was hired to handle the press, but instead solved a murder mystery. Yep, Princess Emily and her unborn child were killed because she was having an affair with the bodyguard. #drama

3. Fitz Hands Mellie Divorce Papers

Poor Mellie (Bellamy Young) was thrilled when Fitz showed up at her swearing in ceremony (she’s officially a senator!), but the twist? Right as Mellie was waxing poetic about their future as a happily married couple, Fitz handed her divorce papers. Cold as ice. Though, the thought of a Fitz + Olivia wedding is pretty exciting….

Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young on ABC's Scandal
Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young on ABC’s Scandal ABC/Nicole Wilder

4. Huck Is Crazy, Sky Is Blue, Water Is Wet, Etc.

So, Huck (Guillermo Díaz) murdered a busload of people last season, and now he’s totally nuts. Apparently, he spent the hiatus sleeping on Olivia’s couch waiting for her to finish sexing Fitz, and spent most of this episode shaking and crying while Olivia was just like, “Yikes.” Luckily, Huck turned to Jake for help at the end of the episode, so hopefully he’ll regain what’s left of his sanity soon. Plus, now Jake has a reason to be on this show again, so yay!

5. Olivia Is Peeved at the Prez

Fitz had a chance to prosecute his royal guests, but refused due to political concerns. He also threatened to prosecute Olivia if she went against him –– which she promptly did. Not only did Olivia take down the queen for murdering her daughter-in-law, she told Fitz they shouldn’t take their relationship public. Unfortunately, former Veep Sally Langston (Kate Burton) did that for them on public television –– with photographic evidence, to boot. Does this mean Olitz are official? If so, watch your back, Mellie!

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