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Scandal Recap: Olivia Pope Goes Missing on Winter Finale

Scandal recap episode 9
Us Weekly breaks down the jaw-dropping winter finale of Scandal, including those unbelievable final moments.

Rowan has cleaned up and cleared out, leaving nothing but trouble in his wake. As Olivia tries to hunt down her devious dad, she unearths her equally evil mother. While the war against Command rages on, the overarching drama surrounding Liz North’s ties to the Vice President and that pile of photos of Liv come to a head. The final moments of the Nov. 20 episode of Scandal, “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” were too jaw-dropping to miss! Us Weekly breaks down the most unbelievable developments from the Scandal winter finale.

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Scandal - drinks

1. Cyrus Is Getting Married! 

We knew it wouldn’t be long before all those pictures of Cyrus and male escort Michael hit the media, and this week, all hell breaks loose. Elizabeth (recurring guest star Portia de Rossi) confronts OPA about bugging her phone, and reveals her plan to unleash all the scurrilous details of Cyrus’ love affair. While the media eats up the dramatic story, OPA formulates a plan.

“America loves a love story, they’re willing to forgive anything for love,” Olivia tells Michael and Cyrus.

Marriage. Olivia outlines a strict marital contract, but while Michael readily agrees, Cyrus cannot. After spending 40 years in the closet, he couldn’t tarnish the memory of his one true love (James) by marrying a prostitute. Cyrus instead decides to resign as the President’s Chief of Staff. In a heartwrenching scene, Cyrus insists the President take every opportunity to use Cyrus’ downfall to his own benefit. “Build yourself up by knocking me down,” he says. “…Today, Sir, I am a joke, I am a punchline.” The President reluctantly accepts his resignation, and a tearful Cyrus returns to his now-former office to pack up.

An impassioned Liv will not let Cyrus go down easily, however. “The Cyrus Beene I know doesn’t hide in the closet and wet his pants like a bitch, baby,” she screams in his face. The scary pep talk worked, and Cyrus is back in the White House after making the talk show rounds with his new fiance Michael.

Scandal - Olivia and mother

2. Mama Pope Is Alive and Well

The search for missing Rowan rages on, and while all of his files and B613 evidence seem to have vanished into thin air, the team does stumble upon something he left behind — Olivia’s mother Maya (Khandi Alexander). Needless to say, Liv is less than thrilled about the run-in with her long-missing terrorist mother (who viewers last saw in the season three finale). She’s placed in federal lockup and interrogated about Rowan’s whereabouts, but Maya won’t budge.

“My daughter is here now. Olivia Pope is here now,” Maya tells Fitz after Liv arrives to her interrogation. “You so much as lay a finger on me and we will sue your ass. Tell ’em Livvy. Handle them.”

Maya thought wrong, however. Liv wants nothing but information from her. It quickly becomes apparent that even Olivia isn’t prepared for how cold Maya is to her only child. As she probes Maya for intel on Rowan’s location, Maya retorts “Girl, you need to move on.” Maya even goes as far to tell her daughter “Cry me a river.” 

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3. Olivia Shot Rowan

Just when we thought we’d never see him again – Papa Pope, in the flesh! Like so many times before, Rowan has broken into Olivia’s apartment and is waiting for his daughter’s arrival. As he chastises her for being an “ungrateful” daughter, another rousing speech from the intimidating Command, Olivia notices his gun.

“There would be no Olivia Pope if not for me,” Rowan screams at a distraught Liv.

Seemingly thinking it her only option, she snatches the gun, aims, and pulls the trigger (thanks to those shooting lessons from Jake). The gun is unloaded, but the damage is done. Rowan is in utter disbelief that his own daughter would attempt to kill him.

“You will miss me when I’m gone,” he snarls at his more-estranged-than-ever daughter. Uh-oh.

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Scandal - Rowan and Olivia

4. Quinn and Charlie Are Back At It 

Kill cards are flying around as Rowan tries to clean house and eliminate his B613 spies. Things don’t look good for Jake, and seemingly, spy Charlie (George Newbern). Quinn decides to warn her ex about his imminent death, but when Charlie makes a move she can’t resist. They sleep together, but per usual, nothing is what it seems. Quinn finds her kill card in Charlie’s pants pocket and immediately confronts him. A little wrestling match ensues, and Charlie proves he’s no match for Quinn — she knocks his lights out! 

The tussle doesn’t seem to halt their love affair, though, and the on-again, off-again couple starts divulging secrets. After Quinn admits that she could never forgive Charlie for ruining Huck’s life, Charlie pulls out all the stops to gain her trust. He delivers all the B613 files on Huck, which Huck in turn leaves on his ex-wife’s porch. Maybe she will finally believe his secret agent story! But will Javi ever forgive him?

5. Where Is Olivia?!

Liz North has a plan, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. With the Vice President Andrew in her back pocket, Liz has no fears about taking over the White House — and she wants to wage a real war to do so. The VP plans to use Olivia as collateral against Fitz to force the United States into a war with West Angola.

While Andrew lays out his dastardly plan to Fitz in the Oval Office, Olivia is dancing around her apartment. Jake comes over to talk shop about Rowan, but Olivia turns up the music and tells her beau she just wants to embrace her independence and shake it off. 

“I want Vermont with Fitz, but I also want the sun with you,” she tells him. The gorgeous couple passionately embrace, and Jake quickly rummages around the apartment to gather pillows for a tryst on the piano. 

When he returns, however, he’s greeted by Olivia’s spilled wine glass and a very missing Olivia Pope. Oh. My. God. Olivia’s been kidnapped!

Tell Us: Where do you think Andrew and Liz took Olivia?

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