Scandal Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Family Dinners, a Sex Tape and a Killer Bride: 5 OMG Moments

Kerry Washington and Joe Morton in "Scandal"
Season 4, Episode 3: "Inside the Bubble" ABC/Eric McCandless

Who needs Olivia Pope & Associates when detective Mellie Grant is on the case? In the Oct. 9 episode of Scandal, the First Lady becomes obsessed with a national murder case, while her husband focuses on pushing his gun control bill through. Outside the White House, the former members of B613 reunite for some head-banging moments, and Olivia plays nice with her father. Us Weekly breaks down the biggest OMG moments from last night's "Inside the Bubble" episode. 

1. Olivia and Jake Dine with Command

Olivia and her father Rowan have, for lack of a better word, a strained relationship. So when she accepts his offer to invite Jake over for a "family dinner," it's obvious that something will quickly go awry. Jake refuses the invite at first. "You are not my girlfriend. If you were my girlfriend, I would come and meet your dad," he tells her. "Even your dad who threw me in a hole and tortured me. But you are not my girlfriend, so no." Ouch! 

After discovering the truth about Harrison's murder, however, Jake relents and joins the Popes for Rowan's pork roast. The tension is palpable as the trio makes awkward small talk over the homecooked meal. When Olivia leaves the table to take a phone call, however, claws come out. Jake offers Rowan an ultimatum: Leave forever or he'll tell Olivia that Rowan killed Harrison and President Grant's son. The elder Pope will not go gently, however. As Olivia and Jake leave, Rowan coolly tells them to stop by anytime, because he's "not going anywhere."

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2. Quinn and Charlie Have a Sexy — and Creepy — Reunion

Jake now knows that Charlie, our favorite B613 secret spy, was involved in Harrison's murder.  So, in typical Scandal fashion, Charlie winds up tied up, naked and lying on a plastic sheet. Charlie insists to Jake he doesn't need to be tortured for information, however. He just wants one thing: Quinn. Jake delivers, tricking Quinn into spending the night locked in the cage with Charlie.

Quinn is furious, telling Charlie that she doesn't want him — she feels sorry for him. But he quickly changes her mind, sadly proclaiming that "being a super spy is friggin' lonely." The two end the night making out on the ground, before Jake interrupts. But Quinn — what about Huck!?

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3.  Gabby/Abby Stands Up to the President

Abby continues to be underappreciated in her new role as Press Secretary — by Cyrus, Liv, and especially Fitz.  The President continually calls her "Gabby," even as she singlehandedly handles the First Lady's antics.  Tired of the disrespect, when Fitz asks her to join him for a drink in the Oval Office, Abby really hands it to him. She one-ups his Scotch selection and scolds him for never bothering to learn her name. The win is brief, because Fitz immediately probes her for intel on Olivia. Ugh.

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4. Olivia's Law School Friend Makes a Sleazy Sex Tape

This week's OPA case involves Catherine, a friend of Abby and Olivia's from law school. Catherine, who married into some serious wealth, can't find her teenage daughter after a fight over "college." The case seems cut and dry, until Huck discovers a sex tape that Catherine made with the 17-year-old daughter's boyfriend! Unfortunately, the daughter had also discovered it — she left a threatening voicemail for her mom.  

Olivia tracks down the disgruntled teenager, but it's too late — she was shot fatally in the chest at a nearby hotel. Scary Liv comes out as she confronts her lying old friend, who is the prime subject. Ultimately, Catherine convinces OPA of her innocence and Liv takes on the case — but it's too late — Catherine's already been arrested.

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5. Detective Mellie and the Case of the Killer Cliff Bride

Mellie trades fried chicken for a darker obsession this week — a real life murder. The still-grieving First Lady is consumed by a viral, ripped-from-real-headlines video of a man falling off a cliff — and seemingly being pushed by his new bride. The media has dubbed the wife the Killer Cliff Bride, but Mellie is convinced she's innocent. She wants to have the chief detective flown in, and even enlists the help of the FBI, NASA, and Fitz's cabinet for soil reports and BMI calculations to help her case.  

Mellie proudly provides her theory for the wife's innocence, but it's too late — they've already proven that she didn't do it. Mellie's disappointment makes it clear her interest was just an idle distraction from her insurmountable grief.

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