Scandal Season 4 Finale: Did Olivia Pope Take Command? — Read the Recap, Watch the Video

Kerry Washington in season 4 of Scandal
Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) tries to take down her father Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) in the season 4 finale of Scandal. ABC/Ron Batzdorff

Most happily ever afters don't involve a pile of dead bodies, but then again, happily ever afters don't happen often for Olivia Pope. On Scandal's Thursday, May 14, season 4 finale, Command was taken (sort of), there was a massive body count, and Olivia Pope surprisingly got her man. Here's what happened:

1. Making a List, Checking It Twice

It turns out Foxtail is the code name for Mellie (Bellamy Young), and naturally, Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) had a thick folder of blackmail ready for the future senator when he met her. All he wanted in exchange was a list. What list, you ask? Oh, just a list of the federal grand jurors who heard Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) testify about B613. Moments after they heard the tale of Fitz and the downed flight, they took a series of bullets to the head and knives to the throat. That's right, every single person in the court room was immediately murdered. Personal Memo: Never fulfill your civic duty.

bellamy young - scandal finale
Bellamy Young ABC/Nicole Wilder

2. Fixer of Cell Block P

Olivia (Kerry Washington) decided to turn Rowan into the CIA, but she wasn't counting on the pull Command had with Cyrus Beane (Jeff Perry). Cyrus stepped in with some warning words for the CIA director — "Honey, I'm going to call you honey because I don't remember your first name" — and soon everyone was singing a new tune. So what happens when you walk into the CIA and drop daddy's name? You get arrested. We're talking sad charcoal jumpsuit and zero Prada. Olivia and Jake went behind bars quick. Let's hope that's an adjoining cellblock suite! Sadly there's no time for a conjugal visit as they are both released on the condition that they sign a document saying B613 never existed. 

3. Ding, Dong Command Is Dead

Olivia's actions sparked a chain reaction that involved Rowan killing off all B613 agents who knew he was Command, blowing up the incriminating files on the black ops organization, and (eek!) letting her terrorist mommy walk free in exchange for keeping her mouth shut about B613. But Olivia ultimately got the final word, having "Ely Pope" arrested for embezzlement. Too bad the aging paleontologist lost his team of black ops agents. 

joe morton - scandal finale
Joe Morton ABC/Nicole Wilder

4. Huck's Hangup 

We've always known that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) had a problem. But the problem was way worse than what we imagined. Quinn (Katie Lowes) immediately saw it, though, and called him out on working with Rowan. That's right, Huckie Poo was the one who took out those jurors on the bus, which led Quinn to put a gun to his head. Did she pull the trigger? Guess we'll have to wait until fall to find out. (Why, Shonda, WHY?!) 

5. Fitz's Firing Squad

Apparently Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) forgot about the time he murdered that judge and, you know, sent soldiers to war to save his side piece, because these days he's real high and mighty. When Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) told him about Mellie's mixup with the jury, he kicked his newly elected wife out of the White House and fired Cyrus Beane. It wasn't a casual Fitz blew up and will be better in the morning sans scotch kind of fight, but rather, a turn in your staff badge and go, Cy, scuffle. What made it even worse was that Elizabeth North snagged his vacant job.

With no Mellie or Jake (he bowed out when the mission was completed), Olivia made her way to the White House, to have a balcony makeout session, no Vermont necessary.  

Tell Us: What did you think of the Scandal season 4 finale?

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