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Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn Thinks Olivia and Fitz Can Have a Happy Ending

Tony Goldwyn talked to Us Weekly about the state of Fitz and Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) on-and-off relationship. 

Hottest president ever! Scandal's President Fitzgerald Grant is an adulterer and a murderer, but offscreen, Tony Goldwyn is an unfailingly polite, devoted husband in awe of his status as a sex symbol at age 54.

The actor, who has been married to production designer Jane Musky for 28 years, said he even had to ask daughters Anna, 25, and Tess, 20, what it meant when a fan tweeted him to say she was "DTF."

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"I'm surprised by the intensity of people's attraction," he told Us Weekly in a recent chat. He also talked about the state of Fitz and Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) on-and-off (and on-and-off) relationship, Fitz's romantic rival, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), and the importance of strong women.

Most importantly, Goldwyn gave his thoughts on the most essential Scandal issue of them all: Is he Team Fitz or Team Jake? Read on to find out: 

Us: Fitz is an adulterer and a murderer, but fans love him! Why?

TG: It's amazing to me because Fitz is no Boy Scout. He's a guy who follows his heart. He didn't just cheat on his wife to have sex with a beautiful woman, he was completely rocked to his core by Olivia. He was in a difficult marriage and realized that Liv was his salvation and he, hers. When we connect with people on a human level, we can sort of forgive them of anything.

Can that star-crossed pair ever be together?

My image of them is that once Fitz leaves the White House he would use his leverage and influence to do something like the Clinton Global Initiative. Olivia will always do what she does because she's so brilliant at it. And they'd make jam in Vermont two weeks in summer.

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Say you see a hot love scene in the script. What happens next?

Kerry and I look at each other and go, 'Oh god here we go.' And then Scott Foley and I go, 'OK, it's me this week.' They're not gratuitous. There's always substance. And maybe I go for extra time in the gym to calm my vanity down!

Do you give your wife and daughters a heads-up?

I don't warn them. It's sort of an amusement in our family — they tease me about it.

Jane, your girls, Kerry, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes — what have you learned from these strong women?

That I can be my most powerful, masculine self in partnership with a powerful woman. I try to actualize it for my girls, who are now young women, because they're the ones who are going to be leveling the playing field and making a real change in terms of gender roles.

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Speaking of partnerships, Scott's wife has a Team Fitz iPhone cover. Where does Jane stand?

He and I are always joking about that, like I'm team Jake and he's team Fitz. I think Jane might be a Jake fan, but she doesn't have an iPhone so thank God! The grass is always greener, right?

Are you still in awe that 10 million people tune in each week?

I'm a little bit older while having this experience, so I understand how rare of a gift Scandal is. My first big thing was Ghost in 1990. It became this huge hit out of nowhere. I remember [costar] Whoopi Goldberg saying to me, 'Tony, enjoy the ride. Don't take this for granted.' I'm really grateful.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

For more with Goldwyn — including his thoughts on other TV presidents — check out the new issue of Us Weekly, out now.

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